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Making Reporting Easy with The Dude: Top 5 Work & Asset Reports

Grace Flack
  • Mar 13, 2019
  • 5 minute read

Dive into a few of the most popular reports

With 12,000 clients, we have thousands of reports being generated through our operations management software every minute with information on work orders, equipment and assets, staff time and more that help maintenance technicians, facility and energy managers, directors, COOs and others make decisions about how to do their work more efficiently. 

At The Dude, it’s our goal to take what may seem boring, time-consuming and tedious with compiling reports and sharing data to be a task that is quick, easy and inspiring about what you’re doing well and what you can improve.

With just the click of a button, I have the reports available to me. I can run over 800 reports, and it is so easy.


“It now only takes a couple of clicks for me to pull a variety of reports. I can either custom create these reports or use the default reports that come built in (which truly cover the gamut of what I was having to manually put together in the past).” -Erin Johnson, Craighead County, AR 

We see reporting as a way for The Dude to be a part of your team, with reports that matter to you and your leadership right at your fingertips. Our software is always busy tracking, calculating and organizing, so you can take those critical numbers and share them when it matters. 

So, what are the top reports that clients use to help them in their daily work? We’re excited to share those with you, and first we’re focusing on the top work and asset reports. 

1. Asset Life Analysis

How are each of my assets (or equipment pieces) performing?

What It Shows: This report shows a quick analysis of the current health of your assets, including fields like total # of work orders (WOs), total # PM (preventive maintenance) WOs and total # of non-PM WOs. It also calculates a grade for each asset to estimate how many more years you can expect out of your assets. 

Why It Matters: Whether you’re working on your budget or just trying to see which of your larger assets is in need of repair or replacement sooner, this report is helpful to understand your future needs. The letter grade also helps you communicate replacement or budget needs to other decision makers. 

Asset Lifecycle Analysis Report in Asset Essentials

“Additional cost savings exists around asset management and knowing, based on the tracking of your work on a particular piece of equipment, where you fall within the repair versus replace decision.” -Bob Lanzerotti, Windsor Park 

2. Average Days to Complete Work

How quickly is my maintenance team getting to work orders?

What It Shows: This simple report shows an average of how many days it takes to complete a work order, calculated from the days completed for each of your work requests. 

Why It Matters: Maybe you want to see how fast your team is getting work done? Maybe you want to compare yourself to another site or organization like yours? Maybe you would like to set a goal to reduce your average for completing work? These are all good reasons for using this report to know where you stand. 

See how YMCA of Delaware completes 96% of their corrective work orders on time. 

3. Site Comparison of Work

What does my maintenance workflow look like across sites?

What It Shows: This report shows the number of work orders (WOs) by site and breaks them down by status and category per site, as well as compares PM vs non-PM completed work. This report also includes a summary of WO cost/hours/average cost/average hours per site. 

Why It Matters: See and compare various sites of your organization as far as workflow and gauge how proactively each site is working. This can help you understand how work orders are being distributed and ways you can improve consistency across locations. 

Site Comparison Report in Dude Solutions


Site Category Comparison in Dude Solutions

See how Cory at Riverview Retirement used work order reporting to show his need for an additional team member. 

4. Labor Productivity

How is work being distributed between my individual staff members and contractors?

What It Shows: This labor productivity report draws on your work order data to show you a roll-up of time, costs and counts of work orders grouped by individual, including graphic capabilities. 

Why It Matters: With this report, you have the ability to easily keep an eye on your staff and contractors as far as their workloads, costs and the time it takes them to complete work. This analysis can help you distribute work more efficiently, reward hard workers, motivate those at the bottom of the pack or better understand your staffing needs overall. 

Asset Essentials Planner Report

Labor Productivity Report in TheWorxHub 

“If I want to find out about a piece of equipment or how many work orders an individual has completed — anything within the system — I can glean the reports rapidly at a glance.” -Barry Dean, Aprilaire 

5. Workload & Cost/Time Analysis

How much work did my team or department handle last month?

What It Shows: This analysis shows you how many work orders are in each category (e.g. Carpentry, Electrical, etc.), as well as how many are new, completed, percentage completed, and average days open and overdue. The cost/time analysis visually breaks down work by categories, labor time, cost and average days open. 

Why It Matters: This type of report is a good way to see how your resources are being used currently. From where you’re spending most of your time to how long it takes to complete a specific type of task, this report gives you a nice view of how work is flowing through your department. 

Work Load Analysis Report in Dude Solutions


Cost/Time Analysis in Dude Solutions

“Having the numbers gives me an edge when presenting my budget for review. I’ve seen other departments getting their budget cut or staying the same, while my budget has increased.” -Nathan Nagle, Village of Horseheads, NY 

These types of reports could be the data you need to: 

  • Hire more staff 

  • Make a realistic budget 

  • Save on your operations budget 

  • Get the funds to replace that piece of equipment 

  • Make daily decisions to benefit your work and team 

Check out our top reports for energy and event management and reach out to us if you’re interested in improving reporting for your department and organization.  

*Reports for this article were pulled from two work and asset management products: Asset Essentials™ and TheWorxHub™.

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