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Meet The Dude Brand Team

Grace Flack
  • Sep 04, 2020
  • 7 minute read

Learn More about the employees behind the Dude brand

The Dude Brand Team (from back, left to right): Gray, Kelley, Katy, Grace, Kristina and Jessica


Today, we’re taking a chance to pull the curtain back, if you will, and introduce you to the team behind the Dude Solutions brand.


Our brand team is made up of six specialists who are passionate about The Dude, consistent branding and more. There’s a lot more to the brand than what meets the eye, so let’s dive in to learn a bit more about the team and the brand they’ve helped create! 


Tell us more about yourselves 

Kelley Crawford, Senior Director of Marketing Communication & Strategy 

  • Fearless brand leader 

  • "I have the amazing privilege of leading the Brand and Marketing Communications team at Dude Solutions. I am responsible for helping develop and empower each member of this team to do their best work in building The Dude brand whether content development, graphic design or public relations. Working closely with the team and others, I am responsible for ensuring that we have a well-defined and executed brand and public relations strategy that supports business goals – this includes generating awareness, conveying the right image, delivering consistent messaging, creating positive differentiation from our competitors, and helping to provide a positive and consistent brand experience for employees, clients and other stakeholders.”  

  • 8 years at The Dude 


Katy Burgwyn, Marketing Project Manager 

  • Master organizer and answerer to all questions 

  • “As Marketing Project Manager, I work as a liaison between our internal clients/stakeholders (industry and product marketing, other Dude departments) and our writers, designers, digital marketing specialists and web developers. I ensure that the vision of a project is created and enacted on time and on budget and manage the processes and technology that make it happen. Passionate about brand and brand consistency, I ensure all material created by the team adheres to The Dude brand standards and coach other Dudes on using the brand. I also manage our external vendors including web developer and videographer.”   

  • 2 years at The Dude 


Grace Flack, Senior Marketing Writer 

  • Writing, editing and food enthusiast 

  • “I am a writer, editor and strategist who helps bring the brand to life with a unique but consistent voice. I am also the dedicated writer for the Healthcare, Senior Living, Membership and Manufacturing markets. I also champion other brand-focused channels of communication like our podcast and YouTube channel.” 

  • 2.5 years at The Dude 


Jessica Wimmer, Marketing Writer  

  • Best storyteller and writer of catchy punchlines 

  • “I serve as the writer for the Education and Government markets. In that role, I write and guide the collateral for those industries that you find in the Resource Library, anything from whitepapers to case studies to blog posts. Being on the Agency team, I'm also involved in brand-related projects, like our company website. As a writer, I'm always looking for how we can best tell our and our clients' stories while maintaining the integrity of our verbal guidelines and The Dude voice.” 

  • 1.5 years at The Dude 


Kristina Bull, Public Relations Manager  

  • PR and social (especially Instagram) maven 

  • “I’m responsible for The Dude’s public relations program, which makes me kind of like a storyteller. Put simply, I communicate information about our company to the public and manage our reputation. This means I share the great things we do as a company to the industries we serve, local communities we live and work in, and the larger business community that we’re a part of. It’s our way of building credibility and a platform to share our expertise. So every time you see The Dude in the news, there is usually an initiative behind it. I am also the voice of The Dude on social media – come say hi and tag us in your posts!” 

  • 1.5 years at The Dude 


Gray West, Graphic Designer 

  • Easygoing, creative graphics go-to 

  • “I make everything look beautiful.” 

  • 1.5 years at The Dude 


What do you love most about The Dude brand? 

Jessica: “I love that our brand is first and foremost about people. Our business isn't products; it's the people who use them. We've always been a very relatable, human company that genuinely wants to figure out ways to help.” 

Kristina: “Our story and mission. It’s truly empowering to have such a strong connection to the individuals we serve. We are doing noble work at The Dude, and our brand does a great job of expressing that.”  

Grace: “I love how relatable and friendly The Dude brand is. It’s so refreshing to be working at a company and with a brand that is welcoming and accessible to all. And it’s a lot of fun. We’re always finding unique and fun ways to incorporate The Dude into things and highlight how we help those we serve, which is what it is all about.” 


What has been your favorite brand project to date? 

Katy: “My favorite project has been the launch of the new brand. We had a tight timeline to build out a new visual identity system and rebrand more than 500 pieces of collateral. It was high pressure but also very rewarding to help create a new identity from its infancy. I also enjoyed leading the environmental branding project. I have quite a bit of experience in environmental branding, and it was fun to leverage that experience here at The Dude.” 

Gray: “Working on Dude Labs graphics” 

Kelley: “If I had to highlight a recent project, it would probably be our efforts to define and launch our employer value proposition (employer branding). It embodies who we are and what it means to be a Dude. We established our pledge as a business and core values that help keep us centered in all that we do. We also created a solid foundation for growth that our employees can rally behind, and we’ve even brought it into our office environments so we’re living our story every day. It’s been incredible to see the engagement and support from our employees which leads to more positive experiences and outcomes for our clients, and that’s what The Dude is all about.” 


What do you wish others knew about the brand? 

Grace: “One thing I wish everyone knew about the brand is that it's really meant to represent the heart of what we do at Dude Solutions. We empower unsung heroes and inspire better work and better lives... and we do it with some personality, too. We work really hard to ensure the brand represents that, and I think once people learn a little more about our brand and company, they really come to love that about us. Also, consistency is critical! The reason why we try to be so specific about how to use and represent the brand is because we really care about it coming across in an impactful way to every person who interacts with it.” 

Kelley: “Why the Dude name? We get far more positive feedback than negative, however, realistically, our name can be a cause for pause from time to time. Diversity and inclusivity are important initiatives at Dude Solutions, and we treat any concerns with our name with great sensitivity and respect. We take every opportunity to help educate on the brand, like this one. The Dude name was established with a genuine purpose to celebrate our clients, oftentimes the unsung heroes of their organizations and represent every person that strives to do their best work. It is memorable and fun, and we hope that it helps reduce the angst and intimidation of implementing new software. It also represents our commitment to a partnership with our clients, and that The Dude is by their side every step of the way.” 

Katy: “Brand is so much more than a logo. It’s our whole visual identity and verbal tone expressed through a range of touchpoints. The Dude partnered with a branding agency to bring our new identity to life. The team spent more than a year doing background research on what resonates with our clients, and held workshops with Dudes from all teams. While our logo is here to stay, our brand will continue to grow and evolve.” 


What’s the best part of being on the brand team? 

Kristina: "The team. It’s a great feeling to come to work every day and not only do what you love but have an amazing team to collaborate with."  

Jessica: "The best part about being on the brand team, for me, is getting to be creative and collaborative. I see myself as a storyteller. I get to be a voice for our company and clients that continues to bring the two together."  

Kelley: “The best part of being on the brand team is working with a group of talented, funny, supportive and wonderfully different people that are joined together by a passion for creativity and collaboration, who love trying new things without fear of failing, and will push themselves and others to do their best work ensuring we succeed as a team. Another really cool part, the brand team works up, down and side to side in the organization. There aren’t many places you won’t find a member of the team hard at work supporting one of the many aspects of the business. We get to make an impact all around, designing and writing what folks see at many touch points in and with the company, and it’s incredibly rewarding.” 


If you have any further questions, you can get in touch with the brand team by emailing


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