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Do you have a maintenance backlog at your facility or facilities? Learn how you can prevent a costly backlog with a CMMS, undergoing an FCA and capital planning with data.

How much is maintenance backlog costing you and your school?

For state public higher education systems in Massachusetts, they have had some recent issues with maintenance costing them in significant ways. According to this Boston Globe article, there is a $5.5 billion backlog in maintenance which has led to a "focus on repairing old buildings before constructing new ones."

A crumbling underground parking garage at the University of Massachusetts at Boston is one of the major concerns. Projects like that one have impacted the state's capital budget, as well.

"Overall, the administration’s capital budget for fiscal year 2018 includes about $190 million for the state’s five UMass campuses, nine state colleges and universities, and 15 community colleges, many of which were built at least 40 or 50 years ago," the article said. They will also be doing a detailed condition assessment for each of each building on campus.


Have you done a facility condition assessment for your buildings?

If not, an FCA (or facility condition assessment) can make a big difference in helping you recognize and prioritize your most important and cost-effective maintenance issues. This is especially important for those with aging facilities. 

The  APPEM   model can help you organize what projects you need to do when and how so that you save the most time and money possible. 

Facility Condition Assessments for Education Datasheet

And a CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) can help you easily record data on work orders, assets, historical data and more for you to use to make those crucial decisions.

Learn more about capital planning with a CMMS or reach out to us for a product demo when you're ready to see our software in action.

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