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SchoolDude's inaugural 2017 Education Operations Health Index results are in! Don't miss this exclusive webinar showcasing the results and highlighting what this means for your school moving forward.

Operations Health Index

In order to improve, it’s important to be able to see where we currently are. To grow and get better, we have to listen to the firsthand experience and earned insight of others. These are the reasons we at SchoolDude created our Education Operations Health Index (OHI). Using operations data and feedback from educational leaders of public K-12 schools, four-year universities, two-year colleges, and private and independent institutions, we have created an index that is indicative of the current health of education operations nationwide. Our aim is to provide a pulse reflecting how these operations are performing, and we believe that is exactly what we did in this detailed report.


Why Is It Important?

One word: data. The OHI Infographic is a quick finger on the educational operations pulse and complements the OHI report which offers a chance to see how your school compares with others based on a variety of criteria. Compare your spending, man-hours, facility conditions, technology, approaches and more. Why is that important? You’re going to hear the phrase “data-driven decision making” a lot from us in the coming months, and for good reason. With this data, every education leader from superintendents to business offers and CIOs will have a benchmark to pinpoint their department’s strengths and areas for improvement.

Knowing the facts and figures of your school, as well as where it falls in line with others nationwide, gives you a data story that can be used to justify budget increases, cut unnecessary spending, manage time more effectively and use resources more efficiently. Data should be the foundation for your decisions. You know what they say about building your house on sand.

Operations Health Index Infographic  Education Operations Health Index


Our Results Presented

One huge way data proves valuable is in creating a reliable preventive maintenance (PM) plan, one that lays everything out on the table and gets you and your team out of reactive survival mode and into proactive thriving. That’s something John Dufay knows all about. As Executive Director of Operations for Albuquerque Public Schools, John Dufay noticed a need for a new plan several years ago. He wanted to improve school conditions and get his team’s heads above water, all without increasing his budget. So, he turned to data. Through leveraging the right data, he created a preventive maintenance plan that saved Albuquerque Public Schools over two million dollars in the last six years, something he’s sure to mention when bringing you these OHI results.

Our other results presenter was David Kornegay. David has been heavily involved with SchoolDude for over a decade and works closely with initiatives such as Dude Intelligence, collecting and visualizing data that helps educational leaders make empowered choices. We couldn’t think of two better people to present the 2017 OHI results in an entertaining, easily digestible way. John and David also include tips and experiences they have witnessed to improve your school and to plan strategically. 


Albuquerque Public Schools Saves $2 Million Over the Past Five Years with SchoolDude

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