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It's not apple or blueberry. It's the facility management pie! Learn more about which pieces of the pie you are taking and what might be available to you.

The facility management pie is not a sweet dessert for hardworking facility managers, though after taking a look at the actual pie, you might think a treat is in order. The pie graph is an intense wheel that maps out all of a manager's potential facility maintenance responsibilities. While not every manager will have to perform all of these roles, there's still plenty to go around. In its current form, there are 45 responsibilities. Needless to say, the print gets rather fine.

The wheel, which is a copyrighted design from Michel Theriault's book "Managing Facilities & Real Estate," can be a valuable asset for facility managers, and many have already asked for translations around the globe, according to Theriault. You may want to take a look at the wheel yourself, as it maps out how important facility maintenance organization and planning can be.

Learn the responsibility

If you've looked at the pie, you'll see that the responsibilities are divided into larger categories. Management and leadership is the biggest slice, and involves strategy and planning, communications, emergency preparedness and human resources. Operations and management involves janitorial, grounds, security and service requests. Planning involved the allocation of capital and space, while technology involves telephones networks and radios. If the wheel seems daunting, that may be intentional. As Theriault has noted, no one facility manager can be so amazing as to be an expert in all of these roles. 

"That's why a Facility Manager has to rely on other experts, whether on their staff or as contractors and consultants," writes Theriault. "The profession of Facility Management isn't just about the person with the Facility Manager title – it's also about the large supporting cast of specialists, experts and other professionals."

The lesson here is the importance of that big slice - management and leadership. Your ability to delegate tasks and strategize ultimately defines successful building maintenance. 

Getting it together

Now that you've seen the graph, you may decide that you want a bite of the management and leadership pie. Well, apart from ordering yourself a pie graph mouse pad, you can also get organized.  If you've ever felt like you've bitten off more than you can chew, maintenance management software may ease the burden. A CMMS can help you get a handle on your resources, projects and personnel. Once you know what needs to be done and what tools you have available, you can better implement strategies that are both productive and efficient. Feel free to buy us dessert. 

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