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Takeaways from Our First (Incredible) Dude Day

Grace Flack
  • Feb 26, 2019
  • 3 minute read

Get a recap from our first internal conference in February

Who knew that when you got together 650+ Dude Solutions employees, a guest speaker, 10+ sessions, three employee panels, hundreds of swag bags and The Dude mascot that it could be so inspiring?! 

Well, we all got to benefit from that during Dude Day 2019 on February 18 in Raleigh, NC. Our first internal conference, for Dudes by Dudes, was an all-day chance to educate ourselves, motivate us for the future and celebrate what we’ve accomplished together so far.


It was also a great chance for Dudes from across the country and Canada to connect and meet each other, as well as the company to show how much they’re invested in each of us. We know that the stronger we are as employees and the more we invest in each other, the more value we provide to our clients and their work. 


Starting the Day Strong 

The day started with an inspirational talk from award-winning TED speaker and author Neil Pasricha, where we all learned the secret to happiness, which his research points to including: 

  • Taking scenic nature walks 

  • Reading fiction  

  • Journaling about your day 

Some of us even committed to starting to do one of these in the future. 

Then, after enjoying some photos of puppies, we dove into a roadmap for the next 15 years with our fearless leader and CEO Ed Roshitsh. In addition to aligning our goals for the next milestones in our business, Ed answered questions from employees about the future. 


A Variety of Breakout Sessions 

One thing that was really special about Dude Day was that Dude employees did most of the speaking and teaching throughout the day. 

Employees taught and attended sessions on a range of topics, such as: 

  • Product innovation 

  • Thinking like a Dude 

  • Agile leadership 

  • Client success 

  • Design at The Dude 

Attendees listened, took notes and even enjoyed some interactive activities to brainstorm ideas. 

Here’s what some employees had to say about Dude Day: 

“The opportunity to get together as an entire company to learn and see one another was fantastic!” 

“The day provided a great opportunity to connect with other Dudes that I don't typically interact with or see. I left feeling energized and motivated!” 

“A great break from the routine that expressed just how import the ‘people’ are to The Dude.” 

“It was such a fun and inspiring day and a great chance to connect with others across office locations.” 

“What an incredible experience for each and every employee. It massively exceeded my high expectations and the expectations of others, as well! 


A Great End to a Great Day 

At the end of the day, we gathered together again for a leadership panel and then a round of Do Something Incredible (DSI) awards given to exceptional Dudes from the last few quarters.  

Oh, and we can’t forget that fun social hour to end the day! 

All in all, we’re lucky to have such an amazing group of organizers for Dude Day, as well as such an inspiring and supporting Dude Nation. 

We’re already looking forward to Dude Day 2020! 


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