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TheWorxHub Security Application: What We Heard from You

Grace Flack
  • Oct 08, 2017
  • 3 minute read

With the launch of our new Security application for TheWorxHub, we've heard a lot from you about what you are looking forward to using in this software. Find out more in this blog!

With the launch of our new Security application for TheWorxHub, we've heard a lot from you about what you are looking forward to using in this software.  

But, the feedback started long before the launch. In fact, our current clients have shaped what the Security app is today by offering their specific wants and needs directly to our sales and development team. We are thrilled to be releasing a product that we not only feel good about, but is set up to meet the needs of communities just like yours. 

From rounding to daily logs to documenting incidents, this application is built to simplify your work and reduce risk all in one system.


So, let's hear straight from the source about what is so important about security software. 

"Security is the 'glue' for our operations, and we've been waiting for the Security module for centralized security-related data. The Security Application captures the hidden incident and location data that today is in a separate, isolated system. We need a centralized view of information: Work Orders, Incidents, Assets. With this Security app, we will have more efficient work orders, handoffs and data-sharing between Facilities, IT and Housekeeping. This will also be streamlined with the automatic location-based rounding and utilizing a mobile device to plot the movements of the Officer." -Dale Weaver, Vice President of Facilities & Technology at Brethren Village in Lititz, PA  

Which feature/functionality of TheWorxHub security application is most anticipated?  

This new software has a lot to offer your security team, as well as administration and the organization as a whole. It provides a better place for streamlined communication, record-keeping, compliance and more to ensure your community is as safe and secure as possible. 

Some of the most awaited features we heard about included: 

  • Incident reporting 
  • Location-based rounding powered by mobile 
  • Compliance tracking 

Dale Weaver also said he is looking forward to influencing the future of the Security application, and would love to see functionality around parking and fire drill management added.

"I'm looking forward to visually 'bringing to life' the efforts and value our Security Officers provide on a daily basis. With time tracking, as well as more detailed and easily captured incidents with the use of the camera and speech-to-text on mobile, we will be set up for success within our Security team and community as a whole."

We look forward to hearing what you think about our new Security app for TheWorxHub!


To see for yourself what the Security application can help you do, view our Security webinar recording or reach out for a personal demo (and get in on our early adopter pricing). 

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