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Top 5 Operate Intelligently Podcast Episodes of 2018

Grace Flack
  • Jan 07, 2019
  • 2 minute read

Don't miss these educational and interesting episodes

We had a fun year with our Operate Intelligently Podcast, discussing everything from company announcements to movies to hurricane preparedness.

We even took a trip to the North Pole in December!


Of the 25 episodes we published in 2018, there were a few that rose to the top and got the most downloads, so you won't want to miss them!


1. Expecting the Unexpected: Hurricane Preparedness

This podcast has tips for preparing for a hurricane or other natural disaster and what to do after the storm. Since we released this in September, it was a great time for people like us on the East Coast and others to consider their emergency management plans. 

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2. SchoolDude is Graduating!

We had a big year in 2018 with a new logo, brand expression, new website and more. This podcast explored how we transitioned the SchoolDude brand in 2018 and where we're going moving forward.

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3. Secrets to Staying Positive

This episode features our very own corporate Evangelist, Josh Peach, to talk about tips for positivity. It's a great listen to feel inspired about having a more positive outlook in 2019. Josh even started his own podcast last year, too.

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4. Cracking the Contractor Code

This one’s all about contractors, from figuring out when you need them to how to negotiate with them. This might even help you with contractual relations in the year to come, from negotiating to pricing to invoicing and more.

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5. Trends in IT

Find out about today’s IT trends, as well as how these teams can operate more efficiently, in this informational episode. Whether you're on an IT team, lead one or just interact with one, this episode can help you navigate the future with communication and confidence.

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What's to come

Don’t miss any new episodes in 2019 because we've got some great topics coming up.

Let us know what your favorite podcasts were from 2018 or share any topic ideas or suggestions you have by emailing We love hearing from you!

Happy listening, folks!

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