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Township of Lakewood, NJ’s Dude Services Testimonial

Dude Solutions
  • Aug 30, 2018
  • 4 minute read

At Dude Solutions, our clients have always been our compass. With a wide array of industries, needs and challenges, they’re the people who let us know when we’re getting it right and when we need to back up and try again. Our clients are the motivation behind our innovation, so we get pretty excited when they send us letters detailing the success they’ve experienced.  

With permission, the following is from Patrick Donnelly, Director of Public Works for the Lakewood Township of New Jersey, describing his experience with The Dude and providing advice for other government organizations considering Dude services:


Hello, future Dude: 

I would like to give you an introduction into Dude Solutions. Our salesman, Bill Herzog, was an individual I spoke to many years ago, and at first, I wasn't sure whether he remembered me because I was in a different township within New Jersey in Little Egg Harbor. I'm currently now the director of Public Works in Lakewood Township — it's in the upper portion of Ocean County, a community amongst its own and completely different from any other municipality within New Jersey. 

Lakewood was a bit shocking when I got there because of the size compared to what I was used to. I have well over a hundred employees. I oversee all operations that Public Works are involved in: parks, roads, code enforcement, animal control, sanitation, recycling, recreation and vehicle maintenance. With that being said, you would think there would be some sort of thorough internal software to keep track of all these operations, but there was nothing but Post-it notes. 

When I reached out to Bill, it was one of my first projects. I could not understand why this wasn't something that had been in place for many years. I needed more equipment, more manpower, but it simply did not take precedence over software with the ability to track all these needs. You must have accountability now for your residents, but for your own staff, this was something that was needed ASAP. 

After speaking with Bill quite a few times, we decided to do a more thorough demonstration to decide whether this was something that would fit Lakewood’s needs, and after five minutes I knew right away this was our ticket. Since then we've decided to sign on. They walked us through the process hand in hand. They sent out an individual to help us train in person for three days, Kim Robbins. She’s over-the-top patient and willing to work with ANY employee. You might think Public Works staff would be hesitant or not willing to change, but they were equally as excited and willing to listen and learn from the people from the software company. Having face-to-face conversations for asking questions was the best thing for Lakewood. 

I personally am a tech guy, but I was overwhelmed at how well my staff worked with this vendor to get to where we needed to be in such a short period of time. It is my hope and suggestion that all municipalities, counties and states at some point come to terms with the fact that we cannot do business the way it was done in the past. We must move into the modern age. We must have accountability for all residents, all politicians and all employees. It’s something that protects us and helps us get the job done more efficiently and safely. 

In the future, if you have questions or need advice, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I'm not a salesman — just someone that's excited to have a vendor that's willing to go above and beyond more than others. Most townships smaller or larger would take well over a year to get acclimated to this new system and get it functioning, but I can guarantee you Lakewood Township and my employees and residents will be fully functional in less than six months. To have support 24/7 is amazing. I have requested many things to be switched, added or removed, and it’s done within minutes. If you’re considering Dude, you’re making the right move. 

Patrick Donnelly 

Director of Public Works 

Lakewood Township 


A big thank you to Patrick for taking the time to offer his testimonial. We love hearing these stories and wish Lakewood many more years of success!

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