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We're making it even easier for you to get help when you need it right from your SchoolDude solutions. Learn more by reading this post!

The "Help" links found at the top and bottom of the pages within SchoolDude's MaintenanceDirect, PMDirect, FSDirect, TripDirect, Incident, InventoryDirect, CaptialForecastDirect, UtilityDirect, CriticalAlarmAutomation, FSAutomation and the MySchoolBuilding request portal now link to the Dude Solutions' Help for Education Site.

These links and content are role-specific, meaning if a Technician clicks on Help they will be taken directly to Technician help content on the help site, a Site Administrator is directed to Site Admin-focused help content, etc. Each solution's Administrator is taken to a central page focused upon help content sections for Initial Setup, Daily Functions, Advanced Setup and Features, and Reporting.

In addition to the new "direct linking" to updated help content, we have many more items that can be found here.

Education Products Datasheet


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