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VDU 2021 – Healthcare Recap: Providing Technology & Support to Help Our Clients Stay Ahead

Katie Ross
  • Jun 09, 2021
  • 4 minutes

VDU notes HC

This year’s Virtual Dude University brought together over 100 healthcare operations professionals from hospitals, acute care and senior living organizations. The healthcare track of this year’s conference included 14 sessions, and all kicked off with an industry connect event led by The Dude’s own Josh Malbogat, Sr. Director Sales for Healthcare and Kyle Adamo, Director, Product Management for Healthcare. Combined they have over 40 years of experience in the healthcare sector.

If you weren’t able to join us for this year’s event, Josh & Kyle shared their insights on the state of healthcare and how the pandemic has impacted our clients, and in turn influenced the development and support teams of TheWorxHub™. 

Here were some of the biggest takeaways across the healthcare industry.

Senior Living:

  • Occupancy issues – reached a record low of 78.8% in the first quarter, according to NIC MAP data (occupancy fell 8.7 percentage points from a year ago) *source
  • Increased use of technology – such as Resident Engagement Portals and in-house TV channels to create connections with residents remotely
  • The return to normal (or a new normal?) – hosting internal events, transportation, visitors

Hospital/acute care:

  • Infection control (airflow, negative pressure, HVAC) – and how our clients had to create and shift operating spaces and sourcing of PPE
  • Evolution of compliance – what does the future of compliance and digital submission look like? 
  • Emergency preparedness – how to take lessons from the last 12 plus months to prepare for the future
And across all healthcare organizations, the biggest theme was resilience.

Whether it was shifting regular operations and facility spaces, or finding funding, staff and PPE, our clients found new and innovative ways to do whatever it took to create safe environments for patients, residents and staff.

As one our guest keynote speakers, Gary Milewski, Corporate Manager Plant Engineering Compliance from Novant Health, said, “if the building is not working right, then you can’t take care of the patients... Everybody has a particular piece of the ‘cog’ to keep it running, otherwise the hospital is going to fail.” All of you on this call were responsible for taking care of the building. You had to get creative. You had to innovate and show resilience to ensure the facility/communities are healthy."

These key themes have made an impact on those that develop and support TheWorxHub, as well. As Kyle mentioned in the session, we strive to work right alongside our clients to innovate and provide the technology and support to help you stay ahead. 

Some of the enhancements we’ve made recently to TheWorxHub to help with this include:

  • Equipment Email to Ticket – an add-on that allows BAS and sensors to create a work request in TheWorxHub. This helps to improve efficiency by eliminating dual entry, saves time on data entry, and ensures thorough and complete accountability for the work you need to do.
  • Life Safety Drawings – a part of the Space Management module that automates the process of extracting crucial life safety layers from your drawings. This helps reduce risk by making life safety data available to anyone in TheWorxHub, like medical gas shut-offs, water shut-offs, means of egress and more.
  • Reporting Library Updates – new library items based on best practices learned from our Implementation Services team, with single click adoption. This helps ensure best practices are available to anyone running reports, not just with one person. It’s available under the reporting section under “Add favorite from library” and this area will be continually updated.

Want to learn more about TheWorxHub? Check out this helpful infographic to help you prepare for inspections and stay compliant. 

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