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VDU 2021 – Manufacturing Recap: Driving Efficiency & Preparing for the Future

Sydney Araya
  • Jun 17, 2021
  • 4 minutes

VDU notes MFG

This year’s Virtual Dude University was quite the event! We saw manufacturing professionals across a wide variety of industries, including food and beverage, metal fabrication and many others, come together for a two-day, action-packed conference. 

An industry connect event led by our own team, including Lyndsey Nelson, Sales Manager; Melissa Merritt Holland, Senior Product Manager; and Paul Lachance, Senior Manufacturing Advisor, set the stage for our manufacturing track that consisted of seven. sessions.

If you couldn’t join us for this year’s event, not to worry, we are happy to share some of the biggest takeaways across the manufacturing industry.

This year and beyond there will be more demands on your time. More risks. More calls for flexibility to adapt to future changes. To meet these demands, you’ll need to manage your operations differently, more creatively, with a focus on efficiency, risk mitigation and future-proofing.

Driving efficiency

Harness new efficiencies with creative, inventive ways to best use your resources.

As you improve your maintenance operations, costs go down/profit improves.  Even better, your team’s morale improves, and you’ll start to form a safer work environment and produce better quality products. Creating a preventive maintenance culture, streamlining your work orders, ensuring you have the right spare part at the right time – all these lead to lean & efficient operations.  

See how you can avoid the top profit killers at your organization in this guide.

Risk mitigation

Proactively manage your operations to reduce risk, cut costs and promote a safe environment.

There are risks all around us – people, assets, poor processes and the like. All these risks can lead to inefficiencies, increased costs and profit-killing downtime and even worse, possible physical harm to our team members. 

Get the 5 steps you can take to avoid running facilities to failure.


Elevate your operations by leveraging the data you have and need to anticipate, prepare for and adapt to what’s next.

Making smarter, more informed decisions based on data-driven insights can empower you to operate intelligently today while planning for tomorrow.

During the event, we heard from Jodi McDermott, our Chief Product Officer who shared that we understand your work is complex and a lot of people depend on you. We know the manufacturing industry is growing, changing and evolving every single day. We want to make sure we are understanding the trends and challenges you are facing.

We saw these key themes reflected in the development and support of Asset Essentials™, as well. As Dan Mishra, our Senior Direct of Product Management, mentioned in his session, “it’s a continuous improvement process and The Dude is with you every step of the way.”

Here are some of the specific ways we’re making software improvements to help you own your operations in these areas:


  • We are investing and researching around removing the silos between your M&O data and energy data, so you can answer questions like: 
    1. How does my PM program impact my utility cost? 
    2. Do maintenance needs correlate with energy spikes?
    3. Is it time to repair or replace equipment? 
  • We want to continue to heighten our security to protect your information and data
  • We’re improving the way you work regarding your inventory management
  • Helping you address issues like the supply chain and empower you to predict when you should order a part to avoid stock-outs based on previous lead times

Risk mitigation

  • Our reporting upgrade will give you better ways to tap in, analyze and use your data
  • Our focus on forecasting will help you forecast what assets are causing the most trouble, when a PM should be completed and when should you reorder parts based on lead times and costs


  • We continue to focus on IoT and real-world use cases that really matter
  • We are working to give you tools within Asset Essentials to customize the experience for your variety of users, from existing workers to future workers, so they spend less time on keyboards and mobile devices and more time doing preventive maintenance

Want to plan ahead and prepare for the future? Check out our Guide to Getting Ahead to help reduce risk and cut costs while creating the most optimal and safe environment for those you serve.

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