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VDU 2021 – Government Recap: What’s Next for Local Government

Kristen Fielding
  • Jun 21, 2021
  • 5 minutes

VDU GOV notes

At this year’s 2021 virtual Dude University, we kicked off our conference recognizing the critical, complex and essential work of maintenance operations professionals. This has especially been the case in government over the last 18 months. 

In our Government Industry Connect session, led by Jon Hunt, Sr. Sales Manager, Jeff Pavey, Sr. Sales Manager, and Cameron Crowder, Associate Product Manager, the team discussed how the work will continue to become more complex with increasing demands on government professionals’ time, reinforcing the need to leverage technology and ingenuity to become more efficient, to help manage risk and to future-proof operations to adapt to future changes. 

The team invited Andrew Shore, GIS Administrator with the City of Burlington, NC and longstanding Dude client since 2010, to share some insights into how he’s planning for the future, so his community can continue to grow, foster economic development, and preserve and expand.

Andrew outlined how he is gaining efficiencies by moving from a heavily paper-based system to utilizing SmartGov to go completely paperless and no longer require paper submittals of construction or site plans. This has allowed for a more consistent and efficient plan review. Andrew noted he has received positive feedback not only because of the efficiency gained for the city by having digitized information, but efficiency for the builders as well, saving some builders up to two hours round trip to file paperwork. 

In addition, Andrew discussed the benefits he is seeing from utilizing the Asset Essentials™ platform for his work order and preventive maintenance management. He highlighted how Asset Essentials has allowed him and his team to be proactive in their preventive maintenance schedules and has enabled the team to move away from a paper-based system by having one central location to track work orders. Andrew also mentioned he has “only scratched the surface” with using Asset Essentials in Parks & Recreation, but they are building out the platform to include Building Services and the Water & Sewer plants, as well.

Andrew closed by sharing his overall experience with Dude Solutions, stating that it has been more than a partnership and he “feels like part of the company.”

Update on stimulus funding for government

Closing out this government session, Jeff Pavey provided a breakdown of American Rescue Plan (ARP) funding that has been released into government as of March 30, 2021: 

  • $65.1B for counties
  • $45.6B for metropolitan cities
  • $19.5B for smaller jurisdictions

Jeff outlined 50% of this funding will be received in 2021 and 50% will be received in 2022, all of which must be spent by 2024. 

Get our stimulus toolkit of resources to help you with this funding.

While waiting on funding, the team outlined steps that can be taken now to plan for the future:

  • Assess government and community operations to develop a plan for recovery
  • Understand the community’s needs at all levels, including individuals, families and businesses
  • Start putting a plan in place now – the sooner you develop a plan, the faster you can stabilize your operations

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