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We get a lot of questions about global security and what The Dude does to make sure our clients' data is safe. Read what we're doing to address security every day.

1. What does the Dude do to protect its clients’ data?

The Dude’s layered defense-in-depth approach to data security includes multi-tiered firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention (monitored 24x7), advanced malware protection, vulnerability scanning, threat management and DDoS protection. All client data is encrypted both at rest and in transit over public networks. Every solution is password-protected with access control lists based on user type – and, of course, we’ll never disclose any of your data to any other person or entity (unless you give permission).

2. What happens if there’s a security threat?

As always, we think it’s better to be proactive. We’re continuously monitoring for any threat, and in the event that one is discovered we take immediate action to create a patch to protect your data – even if there’s no current attack taking place.

3. Where does my data go?

Your data is hosted in independently-audited U.S. data centers certified to meet the highest standards of security and reliability. We replicate client data every day from the primary data center to a disaster recovery facility located in a different state. This insures the protection and continuous availability of your data regardless of natural catastrophes, such as fire or flood.

4. How do you keep my data physically protected?

The Dude stores your data in a locked down, limited access facility. Only pre-authorized personnel are allowed in the facility, which is protected by a sophisticated biometric security system. The facility is monitored 24x7x365 by trained staff and security guards. The interior and exterior of the facility are covered by recorded video surveillance.

5. How do you ensure that my data is kept reliable and available?

In addition to hosting at a primary and a disaster recovery data center all of the Dude’s services are maintained on a highly redundant virtual platform. Each application utilizes multiple servers clustered for automatic load balancing and failover. Each data center provides redundant power, HVAC and communications infrastructure. Client data is backed up hourly and replicated to onsite and offsite storage. Backups are automated and monitored for success. Backup validation and regular disaster recovery testing are part of our operational procedures.

6. What can I do on my own to protect against a vulnerability?

Dude Solutions does everything it can to make sure that our clients’ data is safe, but having your own internal security procedures adds more layers of protection. Run anti-malware software on all your computers, track all of your assets and make sure that all your operating systems and browsers are patched regularly. Implement an employee security awareness training program to protect your people against common security exploits.  And, don’t worry – the Dude’s got your back.

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