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Worried about how the "silver tsunami" could affect your government organization? Hear Dude Solutions talk about how to handle this growing concern at this year's ICMA conference.

If you haven’t heard, the annual ICMA conference is in San Antonio from October 22-25, and our team at Dude Solutions is excited to be attending for another year. The ICMA conference is a great way to connect and catch up with local government leaders to learn more about how they make their operations and communities better. The week is full of opportunities to talk with experts and learn from others who face many of the same challenges you do every day.

For those attending for the first time, featured panels are full of information and great discussion, and we’re happy to announce that we’ll be leading a panel on a topic getting a lot of buzz. You may know it by many names, “silver tsunami” being a popular one, but many organizations are being hit hard with the overwhelming number of baby boomers now retiring and leaving the workforce — and taking everything they know with them.

The Growing Problem of Knowledge Retention

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 25 percent of employees will be 55 or older in the US by 2022, and AARP reports that almost 10,000 people reach retirement age every day. While silver tsunami is a funny name, the reality of its consequences could be quite serious. Retirees are leaving the workforce in droves, and if their organizations didn’t plan ahead for their departure, decades of knowledge, contacts, experience and relationship risk being lost. Consider these facts from NEOGOV:

  • 54 percent of state and local governments experienced an increase in retirements during 2014 and 2015
  • 31 percent of federal employees will be eligible for retirement come September 2017
  • 30 to 40 percent of state workers are eligible for retirement
  • 16 percent of retirement-eligible employees accelerated their retirement date in 2015

If proper tracking and data collection haven’t happened within your organization, you could face some issues that greatly affect your performance and budget when retirees leave — things like where hot spots are located, where shut-off valves are, where work has been completed previously etc. It takes someone leaving to realize how much knowledge they retained and how much you and your team need it on a regular basis to be successful.

The Value of a CMMS

What makes this transition a lot smoother is getting that information out of employees’ minds and into a reliable computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). A CMMS allows you to store and monitor data that your whole team can access, meaning you never lose the knowledge that enables you to make smarter, faster and more cost-effective decisions. You’ll also have historical data to fall back on so you can create a preventive maintenance plan that gets you out of purely reactive mode when it comes to work orders.

With a CMMS, your operations are more organized, communication is improved and your team is empowered with a mobile application that enables them to have more job satisfaction and take better care of community members ongoing.

This is exactly what we’ll be covering in our panel discussion at the ICMA conference, offering tips and solutions for how to prepare and manage the issue of knowledge retention within your organization. If you’re attending the conference, be sure to come see us, and don’t forget to come by Booth 1208 to chat with the Dude team and learn more about how we can help improve your operations!

For more on the issue of knowledge retention, check out our 3 Steps to Getting Ahead of the Silver Tsunami in Government

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