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What is Your Why?

Dude Solutions
  • Mar 14, 2018
  • 3 minute read

Read this blog by our CEO Ed Roshitsh to learn more about our why as a company and find out how to discover yours.

Dude Solutions users work at organizations that have a very crisply defined reason to exist.

A school’s why is to educate kids. Our government’s why is to serve the people’s interests. Our hospitals and senior living organizations are there to provide the best patient care to our loved ones. And, our manufacturers’ why is to create and build things that serve a purpose.

He who has a Why can endure any How. -Frederick Nietzsche

What about you? What is your why? To get up every day and do the hard, often thankless work that you do requires a very strong set of personal motivations and passions. I doubt that most of you endure what you endure just for the paycheck. There are certainly more cushy ways to earn a living than the average Dude user. 

My guess is that Nietzsche’s simple quote explains the mentality of an average Dude Solutions’ client. Dude users are folks who live the life of being the unsung hero that climbs up on a roof in 100-degree heat or -10 degrees cold. The unsung hero that somehow is able to MacGyver a solution from paper clips and a roll of duct tape when the budget just does not allow for a new this or that. The unsung hero who catches problems before they happen. 

You are unsung heroes who quietly, efficiently and proudly go about the work of keeping our kids warm, safe and dry, our relatives cared for, our government spaces well maintained, and our factories humming.


You are important people with noble missions.

Since Simon Sinek’s book Start with Why there has been a lot of ink put down on the subject of finding your why. And still, probably a tiny fraction of us really know our own why. I read an estimate that fewer than 1% of the people asked that question had a readily available answer.

I know my why.

“Be the best me I can be. Use what talents I have and continue to develop myself to help my family, friends and organizations I choose to be part of.”

Believe it or not, I did not write this up for this post. In some way, shape or form, this has been part of my daily mantra for several years. It drives me in all levels of my life. Work. Sport. Friends. Family. It is my operating code.

I wonder how many of you reading this have that level of clarity in describing their own why. You must be driven by some higher purpose. My hypothesis is that you have a well-defined why, but maybe you have not taken the time with a pencil and a sheet of paper to define it.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain.

Nineteen years ago, The Dude was birthed by Kent Hudson and Lee Prevost. Since they wrote the first line of code, the what and where of the Dude has evolved with time. 


But not the why. The why has remained constant even as we expanded the what we do and who we do it for.

Through our technology, we help you with YOUR purpose in life. Taking care of the stuff that needs cared for. In schools. In government buildings. In hospitals. In long-term care facilities. In factories.

The 600 Dudes at Dude Solutions know our why. We knew our why on day one. We know our why on day 6,980. Though the scope of our products has widened, the Dude mission is one we take very seriously.

Our crisp and clear why?

“We empower our clients and our employees to do the best work of their lives.”


“Better Work, Better Lives.”

Whether you are one of the unsung heroes who depend on The Dude or one of the unsung heroes at The Dude taking care of our clients, we appreciate, celebrate and respect your why.


Thanks for being part of Dude Nation.


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