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What's Behind the Dude Name

Grace Flack
  • Sep 06, 2020
  • 3 minute read

Find out what is behind Dude Solutions and what you need to know about the Dude name.

We have now been Dude Solutions for 20 years — and although much has changed here and in the world, our identity as The Dude has remained a constant. We often get asked why our company name is Dude Solutions and what The Dude means to us and our clients. We're proud to say the answer has remained the same since day one, and we love to share our story to help everyone who interacts with us truly understand what The Dude represents.

So, why The Dude name?

  • To represent "The Dudes" we serve –Our name was inspired by a story we all know: That person in your organization who always fixes things but is never thanked. Or even called by name. They were just the dude — that guy or gal you called when a sink overflowed or the heat went out. They came when you needed them.
The Dude name represents the go-to person, the fixer, the problem solver in every organization. Our name pays homage to the women and men who make a huge difference in our facilities and communities.


  • To represent our service to clients –  The Dude is also representative of who we want to be to our clients. We want to be their Dude: friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. We hope our clients can think of us as part of their extended team, and we want to make interacting with our solutions and our team easy and enjoyable.
  • To show the approachability of our software –The Dude is meant to reflect our software's ease of use, as well as our approachability and support. Software and the changes it brings can be intimidating for anyone, and The Dude is meant to alleviate some of that fear with a friendly and unassuming name.
  • To stand out in our space –The Dude name is memorable and unique – both beneficial to us for market differentiation but also purposely for our clients. Many organizations use a variety of software to manage their business, and it’s all noise for employees expected to use them.  Somebody is like “Hey, what’s the name of that software we use to book travel? Where do I go to take time off?” The Dude stands out in the pack and makes it easy for people to remember where they need to submit their requests and check for updates. Our clients embrace The Dude name by creating catchphrases and even t-shirts to rally around their organization's use of The Dude.
  • To show that we like to have fun – Fun is an important part of our "work hard, play hard" culture at Dude Solutions, and The Dude embodies that and shows our passion for people and helping to inspire our clients' work lives. We also want our clients to be able to have more fun and enjoyment in their daily jobs. They do some serious work and put in long hours doing thankless tasks, so why not celebrate that work and make them more like a hero with a partner like The Dude?


At first it may be tough to take us seriously with a name like The Dude. Until you see what we can do together. And why we do it. Like when a client said our software may be the only thing to save his entire division from the chopping block. Or when a school said they save enough money each year to fund salaries for 20 teachers.

So call us The Dude. We'll be there when you need us.

Read some of our case studies to see how The Dude has impacted organizations just like yours


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