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What is technology in the world of security at senior living communities allowing staff and residents to do? Learn more about how software like TheWorxHub is helping to create a safer environment.


No matter what part you play at your senior living community (or if you just know someone who lives at one), you understand that security is of the utmost importance. For the residents, they have entrusted their safety and livelihood to your community and staff, and I'm sure your employees always rank safety and security as a priority. 

What can happen if security is lax? Residents can be in danger or not receive the care they need, which means you could be liable for lawsuits and your reputation damaged, not to mention the impact on their health and life. 

So, what does effective security look like for a CCRC, assisted living, independent living or other community? 

  • Protecting residents within their homes, apartments, rooms and facilities 
  • Protecting assets crucial to your operations 
  • Protecting staff members from unsafe situations 

Believe it or not, the technology your staff and residents already use can be the key to improving your security processes and making your community a safer place for everyone. 

Role of Tech 

In an article by McKnight's Senior Living, James Jansen talks about the critical role of technology in increasing security measures.  

“Resident security technology is increasing as we see operators looking for advanced ways to provide a safe environment converge with manufacturers' growing interest in the senior living marketplace. Technology that was traditionally only within reach for hospitals, education and government is becoming realistic for the senior living space." 

The technology that is simplifying and automating security processes can range anywhere from video cameras to asset management systems with security applications

Having the right technology can allow your security officers and staff to be more aware of safety hazards, prevent issues and use reporting if an incident occurs on your property. It can also tie your security staff more effectively to your maintenance department as they can create work orders for potential issues they may see while on rounds. 

Mobile Matters 

Most of your staff members probably already have a mobile phone or tablet, so why not use that to improve your security measures? Mobile is really changing the way we can do things in senior living, providing the ability for security staff to make their rounding more efficient and effective, with capabilities like barcode scanning for securing areas. 

Next, with a system that houses all of the information, history and more on your assets, you'll be able to access that information for better decision-making on what assets may be in danger of breaking or causing a safety issue. When you have all of the data on your community's assets at your fingertips, you can prevent issues before they occur, even when it comes to security. 

Mobile-enabled security rounding systems can also utilize GPS and GIS (geographical information systems) to clarify where and when someone was when an incident occurred, allowing for a faster response. 

Safer Communities a Priority 

In a recent article published in Senior Directory, Michael McQuinn, owner of The Manor of Marston Lake, cites poor security as one of the top 10 safety hazards in assisted living facilities, and you probably know full well ramifications of a community where safety and security are lax.  "Residential care facilities must take special precautions to secure their premises," he writes. And that doesn't just stop with the outside of your facilities. It's just as important that your residents and staff feel safe inside their apartments and homes and going about their daily activities. 

It's time to make security a priority and start exploring technology that makes that an easily achievable goal for everyone on staff.  

If you're interested in security software for senior living communities, learn more about Security for TheWorxHub.


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