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Why You Should Be a Sales Development Representative (SDR) at The Dude

Grace Flack
  • Dec 18, 2018
  • 2 minute read

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We all have to start somewhere, whether it’s a job, a city, a career, a team or a project. 

And when you can start at a place where you have help and resources to guide you into a new skill set, it’s a win-win. 

Here at Dude Solutions, we have a role that perfectly encapsulates that: Sales Development Representative or SDR.

This position (SDR) at The Dude plays an important part as a “front line” role in increasing demand from prospective clients. They qualify potential clients by learning more about them and their needs, then they work with others on the sales team to create a smooth transition.


As with any other position at The Dude, it’s focused on making the process simple, personalized and successful for the client. 


You might want to be an SDR if...  

There are some base characteristics that we look for in our SDRs, so it’s good to see if these align with your personal goals and skills. 

You might like being an SDR if you’re: 

  • A team player 

  • Conversational 

  • Detail oriented 

  • Outgoing 

  • Driven 

  • Self-starter 

  • Interested in a sales career 

Additionally, is career progression on your mind? We like to determine a career path specifically for our SDRs and find that many move into a Closing Account Executive role. 


What Dudes have to say about it 

Hear straight from our Dudes about what makes the SDR role so great: 

“The sales training program at The Dude completely transformed my outlook on sales and quickly prepared me for developing strategic relationships and managing complex accounts. The Dude transformed the way I develop relationships, and the program ultimately paved the way for an account management role.” -Dylan R. 

“SDR’s are able to gain the insight, skills and talent that drives the sales team by working one on one with talented account representatives. Through learning the ins and outs of a sales cycle, you’re presented with endless opportunities in a fast growing, fun and rewarding company.” -Celeste P. 

“Here at The Dude, we really put an emphasis on developing our Sales Development Reps. SDR’s have an opportunity to collaborate and learn from some of our best Account Reps while working to further their career.” -Marcus W. 


How can you apply? 

We’re almost always hiring awesome SDRs to add to our team, so now is the time to apply! We look forward to reviewing your application to see if you’re a fit for The Dude. 

Apply online


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