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YMCA Saves Thousands on Insurance Claim with Documentation from Dude Solutions

Grace Flack
  • Jun 27, 2018
  • 3 minute read

Read Cleveland County Family YMCA's Story


For Joe Paslay, CEO of Cleveland County Family YMCA in Norman, Oklahoma, he's always looking for tools that add value to his organization. Especially as a smaller YMCA, he must ensure what they invest in has a good ROI. 

That's why in 2012, they signed on with Dude Solutions to use our operations management software to better manage and document maintenance, preventive maintenance, assets and more. 

I certainly see the value of Dude Solutions," Joe says. "We see it as an easy annual investment that gives us a tool that we can utilize totally in putting preventive maintenance things in place that save us money. It puts a record of anything we're doing in place.


And then recently, the YMCA was sued by a member for a piece of strength equipment malfunctioning. The Y staff had been documenting what was wrong with the equipment before the incident, they had ordered a new part twice and even added an "Out of Order" sign on the equipment. Unfortunately, the sign was moved and the member sustained an injury while using it.  


Joe says that reporting and record-keeping within their Dude software saved them thousands of dollars. 

Because that piece of equipment was on their PM checklist and a part of their routine maintenance, they had the documents that said they had done what they needed to do to protect members. 

"Our attorney and insurance company kept asking for the information and documentation on the maintenance of our equipment," Joe says. "We had digital day-to-day, time-stamped information to use in the settlement. They didn't ask for anything else after we provided it." 

Joe says the savings was great enough that "they were patted on the back multiple times by others for having that product available." 

This continues to have a big impact on his decision to stick with The Dude. "When you talk about the value of Dude Solutions, I go back to that every year in my head." 

"It's just a simple story from a small, independent YMCA that we're fortunate to have this tool available to us that any staff member can go in and input information directly into it to say this is broken or I found this problem. The stuff we put in there is limitless. And then there's a track of when it was looked at and what they did to fix it. It clears it, but it stays in the system, which is helpful."  

And he's been impressed by Dude Solutions' customer service. "The service is pretty outstanding, too." 

Learn more about the value our CMMS for YMCAs can add to your organization by scheduling a personalized demo today.

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