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A proven process and dedicated team

For nearly 20 years, we have been working side by side with our clients (12,000+ of them) through implementations of all shapes and sizes. One thing we have found to be true: Having a proven process makes all the difference.

From our dedicated Implementation Services team to our 3-step implementation process, we will take the goals of your organization and craft a CMMS software implementation that fits your and your team’s needs. And we'll be beside you every step of the way with the virtual and hands-on training you need to have a successful, timely implementation.

Meet some of the Dude Solutions Implementation team.

Our 3-Step Implementation Process

Step 1: Planning
Step 2: Onboarding
go live
Step 3: Go Live!

“We were quickly set up and running. I was absolutely blown away. All the equipment was put into the system... And the system is intuitively set up and so logical while many others aren’t.”

Robert Martz

Plant Manager, Engineered Controls


Your trusted implementation team

We’re passionate about your success, which is why we have a team of experts to walk through the implementation process with you.

project manager
Project Manager

Your project coordinator will work alongside you at a project management level to ensure milestones are met and your overall project is successful.

implementation specialist
Implementation Specialist

Your remote resource will provide 1:1 guidance and support to ensure you and your team learn the product and set up your account properly while applying best practices.


Your subject matter expert who helps deliver virtual or on-site consultations if you choose to fast-track implementation with our professional services.

Training Team

Your interactive class trainers will train you on different features within your product(s) and best practices for building and managing your account.

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Success Story

We work efficiently, so you can, too

“What our Dude consultant did in one week, I had anticipated a month. His knowledge of the system and ways to implement were critical in getting a quick turnaround.” 

Bill Hoff

Director of Facilities New York State

JMA Wireless

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Simplify your software implementation

We’re here to help you have an efficient and effective software implementation. Ready to dive in to see how it all works?

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