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  • At Dude Solutions we encourage client feedback and ideas regarding product features and enhancements.  We receive hundreds of ideas each quarter, and like many of the clients we serve, we operate within the paradigm of infinite possibilities and finite resources.  So we have to weigh the value proposition and scope of each request in relation to the product strategy and roadmap.

  • Ideas are collected through:
    • Support channels (phone/email/chat) with a Client Advisors
    • Account reviews with Client Success Managers
    • The Community Ideas page, where peers can submit ideas
    • Through live events such as webinars, road tours, and user conferences

  • Ideas are reviewed by leadership in Client Services, Sales, and Product Management.  If the Idea is in line with the product strategy, then a formal proposal is created.  Priority is given to proposals with the largest client impact and/or strongest value proposition.  Product Management evaluates the prioritized proposals and determines how they fit into the overall product strategy and roadmap.

  • It’s important to note that not every feature request will become a feature due to the business need. If the feature is something that benefits several clients and prospective clients, then the feature has a greater likelihood of being implemented. If it’s a very specific, unique use case, evaluation/consideration and potential development will likely take longer.
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— 0 Comments Add a New Schedule Request by Selecting a Date on the Event Calendar Page View

I would love to improve the user experience related to starting a request in FSDirect/EventEssentials. The current workflow is to look on the the calendar, then go to another screen and choose dates to start my availability request. I think a useful …

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— 0 Comments Set Maximum Reorder Limits for Certain Supplies Based on When and Where They are Issued

would be nice to set maximum order limits per order, ex: only able to order 24 AA batteries per order instead of 100. Also max order amount for a specified time frame such as single month or school year for each Location. Every building quotes the amount …

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— 0 Comments Alternate KPI's for Average Days to Activate Permits Grouped by Location, User, Organization, etc.

I would like to see a report that shows which community facility use requests are sitting in the system from the date of request to the date of approval / activation, and be able to sort by location, site administrator, organization, This would help …

  • Submitted
— 0 Comments Drivers Should Be Able to Submit a Trip Request

Drivers should be able to use the same email address to submit a request on the MySchoolBuilding page. Most of requests come from my bus drivers. This is very confusing and frustrating for them.

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