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  • At Dude Solutions we encourage client feedback and ideas regarding product features and enhancements.  We receive hundreds of ideas each quarter, and like many of the clients we serve, we operate within the paradigm of infinite possibilities and finite resources.  So we have to weigh the value proposition and scope of each request in relation to the product strategy and roadmap.

  • Ideas are collected through:
    • Support channels (phone/email/chat) with a Client Advisors
    • Account reviews with Client Success Managers
    • The Community Ideas page, where peers can submit ideas
    • Through live events such as webinars, road tours, and user conferences

  • Ideas are reviewed by leadership in Client Services, Sales, and Product Management.  If the Idea is in line with the product strategy, then a formal proposal is created.  Priority is given to proposals with the largest client impact and/or strongest value proposition.  Product Management evaluates the prioritized proposals and determines how they fit into the overall product strategy and roadmap.

  • It’s important to note that not every feature request will become a feature due to the business need. If the feature is something that benefits several clients and prospective clients, then the feature has a greater likelihood of being implemented. If it’s a very specific, unique use case, evaluation/consideration and potential development will likely take longer.
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— 3 Comments Data Validation on New Suppliers Entered via Equipment and Transaction Records

I would like to see data validation on the supplier list orthe ability to assign the function of adding a supplier to a specific userrole. When anyone can add a supplier, the list gets out of control quickly.Having to have a process outside the system …

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— 1 Comment Automatically Move Closed IT Help Desk Tickets Down on the Mobile App

Let said your are using School-dude on Smartphone Mobile App and you have 25 Incidents , well here come the problem even you close them , they remain in the same position, forcing you to scroll all the way between incident in order to look for open new …

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— 1 Comment Clone or Duplicate Project Templates for Use in IT Help Desk Tickets

It would be great if Technicians had the ability to either duplicate individual incidents for repeating process, or even better, if they had the ability to use an existing project template.

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