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In seeing hundreds of websites with a link to MySchoolBuilding, I have viewed a wide spectrum of approaches. In an another blog post, we will delve into full department sites, but in the meantime, let's summarize the exceptional approaches for a …

Author: Dave Kornegay

Want templates? We have them ! We are including a video version of this article In working with thousands of clients transition into a new software solution, we have learned (admittedly, sometimes the hard way) a few do’s and do not do’s. We can …

Author: Dave Kornegay
What Barcode Scanner Should I Use for SchoolDude?

This question often comes in waves, and it's surf's up! If you are considering a barcode or QR code scanning device only for use in SchoolDude , this is for you. If you can use an existing laptop, tablet or smartphone, consider these options: …

Author: Dave Kornegay
Watch Setting up for Success: Planning Ahead

Capital forecasting should influence how you strategize your preventive maintenance schedules. In turn, PMs should be a natural part of your team's workload. The results are longer-lasting facilities, fewer reactive work orders, and an increase in …

Author: Curtis Marshall
​What are "Operations Outliers"? UPDATED

Maintaining a safe learning environment. That's the central concern of facility directors across the nation. You've carried the weight this responsibility brings, dealt with the demands of aging facilities, and managed the rush of work orders. That means …

Author: Curtis Marshall
A PM Conversation
  • 9/28/2015
A PM Conversation

Have you seen the discussion section of the Dude Community? Go check it out – some of the smartest leaders in school operations are sharing their ideas, and it's great! Recently, a few of your peers started a conversation about handling overdue PMs. …

Author: Curtis Marshall
Webinar Setting up for Success: Reactive meets Preventive

The Q3 Dude Data Matters Index revealed some interesting facts about your workload when the school year begins. During the first weeks of school, reactive repair requests shoot up 65% from the summer months! To help you manage the influx of reactive work …

Author: Curtis Marshall

You may have come across the Q3 Dude Data Matters Index (either over at EdWeek or even here on the SchoolDude Community ). If not, let me tell you… it's worth a read! The Index breaks down the data on what is breaking down at your school as the kids …

Author: Curtis Marshall

This month we had a great time hosting the Setting up for Success: Energy Management webinar. We covered some of the top tips and tricks our Campus Champions use to get more out of their utility management tools. One of the things I heard most was …

Author: Curtis Marshall
A Comprehensive Study on Community Use of Schools

The demand for community use of schools has never been higher and the impact on resource strapped operations teams continues to stretch thin budgets even thinner. As we hear more and more schools asking, "What are other schools doing to manage …

Author: Jed DeGroote
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