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2017 Budget and Staffing Survey – How Does Your School Compare?

Our second annual Budget, Staffing and Operations survey serves as a benchmarking document for K-12 and higher education operations professionals. Each year, we present the most relevant budgeting, staffing and operations data to our readers collected …

Author: Julia Washburn
A Process to Help Future-Proof Your Facilities

Most maintenance teams spend a majority of their time putting out fires and responding to reactive work requests. This leaves little time to analyze historical facilities trends, and ultimately equates to higher costs and overwhelmed employees. To break …

Author: Julia Washburn
Independent School Trends in Facilities Budgeting and Staffing

In early 2016, SchoolDude, in partnership with NBOA and Building Solutions, conducted a survey of independent school business officers and facilities staff to provide maintenance and operations benchmarks to help inform decisions regarding your school’s …

Author: Julia Washburn
The Power of Mobile Device Management

Mobile technology is redefining the way we do many things, from communicating with family and friends to how we function in the workplace. Especially in the classroom, mobile technology is being adapted at growing rates. According to The Journal, one …

Author: Julia Washburn
September is Campus Safety Awareness Month – Tips for preparing your Staff

With school back in session, your campus is once again alive with the hustle and bustle of students scurrying to class, meeting for projects, and lounging in the common areas. Seeing the students about campus is a reminder that the safety of your faculty …

Author: Julia Washburn
FLSA – How will it impact you?
  • 8/30/2016
FLSA – How will it impact you?

Last year, President Obama announced his proposal to raise the overtime salary threshold under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which would extend overtime protections to nearly 5 million Americans. As a reminder, the FLSA determines the standards …

Author: Julia Washburn
Tips for Controlling Your Consumable Inventory

52% of survey respondents state that they have somewhat to poor insight into the movement of supplies at their institution. * Consumable inventory management is one of the easiest ways to make a big impact on your overall operations budget. Without a …

Author: Julia Washburn
10 Tips for Building Out Your Technology Team

Schools, and independent schools in particular, are ramping up their use of technology, therefore, they are having to re-think their technology programs to support the increasing technology demand. It is projected that $3.7 billion will be spent on …

Author: Julia Washburn
What to Consider Before Renting Your Facilities

Independent schools are beginning to consider new sources of non-tuition revenue, and one of the most popular is external facility rentals. Research shows that on average tuition revenue only accounts 82% of an independent school’s annual operating …

Author: Julia Washburn
Save Time (and Recover Costs!) on Your Next Facility Rental

Schools are often the hub of the community, and allowingoutside groups to use your facilities can be a profitable and efficient way torecoup operating costs. With budgets becoming tighter, many schools are lookingto expand their extracurricular programs …

Author: Julia Washburn
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    All blogs from author: Julia Washburn

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