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Resource of the Week - New ITDirect Guides

This week we’re excited to bring you two brand new ITDirect guides! Whether you are new to ITDirect or a veteran user, there is valuable information for everyone in these new guides! In our  ITDirect Getting Started guide, we cover the basics for …

Author: Hayley Sessoms

Does yourstaff get grabbed in the hallways for requests? Do you get swamped with requestscoming from emails, calls, or texts? Areyou managing paper form requests? Are you first hearing of a request way laterthan when it occurs? If any of these situations …

Author: Hayley Sessoms
School uses Shutdown Days to cut energy costs

Paul Gutowsky is the Building and Grounds Director at Lamar Consolidated Independent School District in Houston, Texas. To help manage and get a better understanding of Lamar's after hour facility use and the impact it has on their energy usage, Paul has …

Author: Hayley Sessoms
A Operations Director

Recently we contacted Terry Ryan, Director of Maintenance,Operations and Transportation for the Salinas City Elementary School District,to learn the secret ingredient to the great results we’re hearing about his district. During the call, Terry expressed …

Author: Hayley Sessoms

By using the reporting options in MaintenanceDirect along with the Dude Data Dashboard, Matt Bennett, Coordinator of Buildings and Grounds with Litchfield School District SAU #27 has been able to show his staff and key leaders the progress they have made as a maintenance department over the past several years.

Author: Hayley Sessoms
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    All blogs from author: Hayley Sessoms

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