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Emergency Response Best Practices for Higher Ed and K-12 Schools

At SchoolDude, we are busy prepping for the upcoming SchoolDude University , March 15-18 in Myrtle Beach, S.C. For the first time, school security will be a big focus at the event. Executives from SchoolDude and prominent security experts, including Paul …

Author: Nick Mirisis
Southern Florida’s Palmer Trinity School Accesses Mobile Emergency Plans with CrisisManager

We announced our work with Miami-based, independent school Palmer Trinity School this week and Campus Safety and THE Journal took notice. Our CrisisManager is making emergency plans available to Palmer Trinity School’s 130 staff members with step-by-step …

Author: Nick Mirisis
Northwest Missouri State University Makes Emergency Plans Available on Smartphones via CrisisManager

Lt. Mike Ceperley, emergency management coordinator at Northwest Missouri State University, shares the importance and best practices of mobile safety plans.

Author: Nick Mirisis
Christian School Products Highlights Importance of Mobile Safety Plans

The December edition of Christian School Products magazine includes a featured article by SchoolDude sharing a key best practice for keeping your staff, faculty and students safe - mobile safety plans. Two interesting trends are supporting this best …

Author: Nick Mirisis

Learn more about SchoolDude's newest mobile safety platform to keep everyone at your educational institution safe.

Author: Nick Mirisis
Why parents are an essential part of your disaster plan

Even though they're not present on campus when disaster strikes, parents should be an integral consideration when formulating your emergency response plan.

Author: Nick Mirisis
 California school districts offered incentive to clean up their act

The state of California has implemented a program designed to make it easier for school districts to adopt greener power strategies and move toward greater energy efficiency.

Author: Nick Mirisis

Interested in learning more about benchmark data and research on IT staffing, budget and responsibilities in independent schools?  Your prayers have been answered with newly unveiled research conducted by the National Business Officers Association (NBOA) in partnership with SchoolDude.

Author: Nick Mirisis
The importance of having a crisis response and emergency preparedness plan

According to data from SchoolDude, 90% of administrators needed to contact parents to address a safety concern on the school grounds over the past year - and 31% of these were related to a school lockdown. This sobering statistic highlights a rising school safety concern in the armed aggressor. As The New York Times reported, many of the nation's roughly 10,000 to 12,000 school-based police officers have shifted focus and adjusted tactics to best respond to such a situation should one arise.

Of course, the burden also falls to school districts to invest in a disaster response plan, both to prevent potential situations as much as possible, and to handle cases as safely and efficiently as possible.

Author: Nick Mirisis
Increasing technology in schools may put more strain on IT staff

Despite contending with tight budgets, school districts have demonstrated a vested interest in developing their technology resources to ensure their students have access to current hardware and software.

Author: Nick Mirisis
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    All blogs from author: Nick Mirisis

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