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5 Tips to Successfully Implement an Operations Management Solution

At SchoolDude, I’ve had the pleasure of on-boarding many of our new clients. These early conversations are often filled with excitement and fascination, but also curiosity as there is so much to learn in order to get the most out of their new operations …

Author: Kimberly Norton

Change is constant in the worldof event management. It’s likely for thelocal dance studio to request additional classrooms to be used as dressingrooms for the upcoming spring recital, for the date of family game night tochange, or even a last minute …

Author: Kimberly Norton

Did you know that small schools make up 85% of America’s schools?   Occasionally we hear those of you who fall into this category say,“We’re too small to leverage SchoolDude”, but we’re here to tell you today,that you’re not too small.  …

Author: Kimberly Norton

Ever wonder how other districts implement new solutions andmake them successful? Find out how DennisDuncan, Supply Operations Manager from Henrico County Public Schools inRichmond, Virginia did it when he joins us for a webinar on February 25 th . He …

Author: Kimberly Norton

Chesterfield County Public Schools right outside of Richmond, VA, was eager to streamline their entire workflow process, increase transparency and communication and to have relevant data right at their finger-tips. The district gave me the opportunity …

Author: Kimberly Norton

Integration with a handheld device to do barcode scanning is an excellent way to save time and streamline the work flow process in InventoryDirect!   When it comes to purchasing a scanner, SchoolDude is often asked for recommendations.   We do …

Author: Kimberly Norton
It's All About Reporting
  • 7/8/2013

If you’ve ever chatted with me over a support phone call, joined me online for a  SuccessOps best practice webinar, or attended one of my classes at SchoolDude University – you’ve more than likely heard me hop on my “the importance of reporting” soapbox.

Why is reporting so important?

If you’re not using data to make drive decisions, then what are decisions based on?  Emotion?  Hunches? “The latest and greatest” idea?  The reports available in MaintenanceDirect give you the vehicle to keep your principals, board members, directors, and decision-makers well informed.  When decision-makers are well informed and equipped with factual data, they are able to make what’s referred to as data-driven decisions.....

Author: Kimberly Norton
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    All blogs from author: Kimberly Norton

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