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A great question around capital planning was submitted that requires defining and feedback: "I am a resident and involved parent in our local school system which is in the process of contemplating capital improvements for our aging buildings. I'm hoping …

Author: Dave Kornegay

Today’s Trends in IT Asset Management - this webinar on March 25 discussed ongoing trends and tips that Technology Director Michael Skott with Middletown Public Schools recommends to improve IT audits. How can you achieve the same success as Middletown’s IT Department? Read on for actionable next steps to get started with a successful asset management program. Or, check out the webinar recording here.

Author: Sam Zippin

In our March 25th webinar, Michael Skott, the Technology Director at Middletown Public Schools, discussed his departmental challenges and how he solved them. You can view the full webinar recording featuring Michael Skott here. Why did Middletown need an IT asset management solution? What have the biggest benefits since they implemented an IT asset management tool? Read on for part II in our recap series of the webinar, Today's Trends in IT Asset Management

Author: Sam Zippin
Increasing technology in schools may put more strain on IT staff

Despite contending with tight budgets, school districts have demonstrated a vested interest in developing their technology resources to ensure their students have access to current hardware and software.

Author: Nick Mirisis
So Many Assets, So Little Time
  • 8/21/2013

Paul Fletcher is a Senior Client Success Advocate on the SchoolDude SuccessOps team. Paul provides world-class support and works closely with our clients to ensure their success, anticipate challenges they face, and deliver practical solutions to …

Make sure you check out page 22 of the July/August 2013 edition of NBOA's Net Assets Magazine.  It features an article by Bill Keslar, President of Building Solutions, who discusses how facilities and business leaders should manage their facilities as carefully as they manage their endowment.

Author: Nick Mirisis
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