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Webinar Setting up for Success: Unlocking Events (Updated)

If you're looking to get your school's event scheduling started in the right direction, join us for July's Setting up for Success Webinar on Facility Scheduling. Planning for after-hours events at your school isn't all that exciting. Double-checking …

Author: Curtis Marshall
Implementing a Cost Recovery Program, Part 4: Develop Fee Structure and Improve Invoice Management

Did you know the average district with a cost recovery program in place recovers about $14 per student in annual income? Top performing clients can recover over $50 per student annually!

In part 4 of our 5-part blog series we’ll take a look at how some of our top facility usage clients developed their fee structure and how to set a proper invoicing process in place.

Author: SchoolDude
Implementing a Cost Recovery Program, Part 2: Start Small and Recognize Leadership

In the first of our 5-part series blog we talked about how to automate the process and the importance of finding a balance between which aspects of the process are centralized and which are distributed. In this blog we’ll dive into how to get started and why buy-in is key to a successful cost recovery program.

Author: SchoolDude
Implementing a Cost Recovery Program, Part 1: Automate the Process

Many of our clients struggle with implementing a cost recovery program. So to help clients get started with their cost recovery program, we interviewed several top users of our event management/facility usage solutions and after hearing their stories, 10 distinct key steps emerged. In this upcoming 5-part blog series, we will discuss these key steps. 

Author: SchoolDude
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