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Enhancement to Online Payments for Events

A new enhancement regarding Online Payments in EventEssentials Pro updates the ability to capture invoice payments online for events displayed in FSDirect and CommunityUse. Our partner, ReliaFund , has updated their portion of the integration to allow …

Author: Dave Kornegay
Using After-Hours Events to Your Advantage

An automated event management solution makes it possible to better manage the event scheduling process and, more importantly, track the necessary information to develop an efficient cost recovery program. We know getting started can be tough – but don’t fear. This new eBook, Using After-Hours Events to Your Advantage, can help guide you through developing an effective cost recovery program, with 7 steps to follow plus feedback from small school peers.

Author: Sam Zippin
A Comprehensive Study on Community Use of Schools

The demand for community use of schools has never been higher and the impact on resource strapped operations teams continues to stretch thin budgets even thinner. As we hear more and more schools asking, "What are other schools doing to manage …

Author: Jed DeGroote
A short dive into a deep conversation: New Cost Recovery Whitepaper

School buildings are the hub of the community. The buildings you are tasked with maintaining play host to an incredible number of events from basketball games and girl scout meetings to bake sales and even the community carnival. Do you know how many …

Author: Curtis Marshall
Implementing a Cost Recovery Program, Part 4: Develop Fee Structure and Improve Invoice Management

Did you know the average district with a cost recovery program in place recovers about $14 per student in annual income? Top performing clients can recover over $50 per student annually!

In part 4 of our 5-part blog series we’ll take a look at how some of our top facility usage clients developed their fee structure and how to set a proper invoicing process in place.

Author: SchoolDude
Implementing a Cost Recovery Program, Part 3: Build Support and Identify Cost Recovery Areas

Did you miss our first two blogs in our 5-part blog series? If so, catch up here: Part 1 and Part 2. When we first begun our cost recovery research, we quickly realized that once a district begin a cost recovery program, cost recovery improve year after year so don’t give up if you’re not seeing immediate results.

Let’s dive into steps 5 and 6 in our cost recovery implementation series!

Author: SchoolDude
Implementing a Cost Recovery Program, Part 2: Start Small and Recognize Leadership

In the first of our 5-part series blog we talked about how to automate the process and the importance of finding a balance between which aspects of the process are centralized and which are distributed. In this blog we’ll dive into how to get started and why buy-in is key to a successful cost recovery program.

Author: SchoolDude
Implementing a Cost Recovery Program, Part 1: Automate the Process

Many of our clients struggle with implementing a cost recovery program. So to help clients get started with their cost recovery program, we interviewed several top users of our event management/facility usage solutions and after hearing their stories, 10 distinct key steps emerged. In this upcoming 5-part blog series, we will discuss these key steps. 

Author: SchoolDude

This week we're diving into the world of facility use and cost recovery. A few weeks ago, as we started the process of updating our Facility Use and Cost Recovery white paper, we heard stakeholders express an interest in having the research focus …

Author: Jed DeGroote
Cost Recovery Tips from a Client
  • 7/10/2013

SchoolDude client Irving Independent School District’s Donna Amick, operations and special events manager, wrote an article that was featured in TASBO Report, the official magazine of Texas ASBO’s May 2013 issue. Way to go Donna!

In Donna’s article “Open for Business,” she uses her personal experience to offer key tips for implementing a successful facility rental program. Here are 3 of the tips she provided....

Author: SchoolDude
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