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Enhancement to Mobile Safety App and Publishing Portal

The Dude's safety and emergency preparedness application has been updated to support the new mobile operating systems for Apple iOS10 and Android Nougat. Behind the scenes and under the hood, updates were performed concerning push notification …

Author: Dave Kornegay

In the second of our Professional Development Webinar Series, we focused on safety management and disaster preparedness, to help give school leaders actionable plans for various emergencies and concerns that can arise. Paul Timm is a security expert, President of RETA Security, and has done hundreds of assessments, emergency planning and training for educational institutions nationwide. 

Paul asks the audience what their biggest concern is when it comes to safety management, analyzes the results, and dives into each of these concerns and best practices to address each of these within your buildings. Watch the recording now for more of Paul’s feedback.

Author: Sam Zippin
Southern Florida’s Palmer Trinity School Accesses Mobile Emergency Plans with CrisisManager

We announced our work with Miami-based, independent school Palmer Trinity School this week and Campus Safety and THE Journal took notice. Our CrisisManager is making emergency plans available to Palmer Trinity School’s 130 staff members with step-by-step …

Author: Nick Mirisis

With students back in the classroom and the school year underway, administrators and facilities teams are getting buildings ready for the next nine months of education. In addition to corrective maintenance and groundskeeping, a newer area of …

Author: SchoolDude
CrisisManager: Use QR Codes to Download the App and Plans for the App

In my  series on QR Codes , I decided to test this technology on  CrisisManager .  Educational organizations that are implementing our new app often want ideas on how to spread the word while keeping it easy for their …

Author: Dave Kornegay
Back-to-school safety tips
  • 10/15/2014

The new year is underway and students have returned to the halls and classrooms of your school. The parents who send them off every morning do so with the expectation that you're going to be keeping them safe throughout the day, from the parking lot …

Author: SchoolDude

Disasters tend to spring up unannounced. In fact, by their very definition, crises are situations that are unexpected or unwanted. But just because you aren't expecting a disaster doesn't mean you have to be unprepared. Planning for unexpected situations …

Author: SchoolDude

Learn more about SchoolDude's newest mobile safety platform to keep everyone at your educational institution safe.

Author: Nick Mirisis
Why parents are an essential part of your disaster plan

Even though they're not present on campus when disaster strikes, parents should be an integral consideration when formulating your emergency response plan.

Author: Nick Mirisis
The importance of having a crisis response and emergency preparedness plan

According to data from SchoolDude, 90% of administrators needed to contact parents to address a safety concern on the school grounds over the past year - and 31% of these were related to a school lockdown. This sobering statistic highlights a rising school safety concern in the armed aggressor. As The New York Times reported, many of the nation's roughly 10,000 to 12,000 school-based police officers have shifted focus and adjusted tactics to best respond to such a situation should one arise.

Of course, the burden also falls to school districts to invest in a disaster response plan, both to prevent potential situations as much as possible, and to handle cases as safely and efficiently as possible.

Author: Nick Mirisis
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