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Data_MattersLast week we had a question in our Community Discussion board about how many Inventory items should an institution have, specifically, mechanical inventory items. She suspected they may be carrying too many items, but wanted a benchmark to back up those suspicions.

Author: Jed DeGroote

Keyperformance indicators, benchmarking, and effective change management practiceswere all topics of conversation at SchoolDude University in Myrtle Beach. It was a great opportunity to talk with so many educational professionals aboutthe DudeData …

Author: SchoolDude

Ask yourself this question.

Have we looked inward? If so, now how do we compare to other schools and districts nationwide? How well are we really doing? The answer is simple; go look at your Key Performance Indicators, part of the Dude Data Dashboard

By using the reporting options in MaintenanceDirect along with the Dude Data Dashboard, Matt Bennett, Coordinator of Buildings and Grounds with Litchfield School District SAU #27 has been able to show his staff and key leaders the progress they have made as a maintenance department over the past several years.

Author: Hayley Sessoms
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