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When it comes to energy conservation, school size doesn

The annual energy bill for America’s primary and secondary schools is $6 billion— more than is spent on textbooks and computers combined. “Every dollar spent on energy impacts teaching and learning because it takes economic vitality away from the …

Author: Kelli Wolf

You've no doubt heard science teachers in your school lecturing students on the importance of saving power. For administrators, this is one lesson they'd do well to remember when it comes to energy conservation management .  Energy efficiency has …

Author: SchoolDude
School uses Shutdown Days to cut energy costs

Paul Gutowsky is the Building and Grounds Director at Lamar Consolidated Independent School District in Houston, Texas. To help manage and get a better understanding of Lamar's after hour facility use and the impact it has on their energy usage, Paul has …

Author: Hayley Sessoms
4 Tips to Increase Energy Conservation

In K-12 School Districts, energy costs are second topersonnel costs totaling approximately 8 billion dollars annually. With aconstant growing environment and limited budgets, it becomes crucial fordistricts to be informed of the many new methods of …

With energy conservation being such a hot topic in schools today and the constant increase in utility prices, reducing your energy consumption, even in small ways, can make a big difference. St. Helena Unified School District in CA realizes this and has …

Author: Jed DeGroote
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