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4 Tips to Increase Energy Conservation

In K-12 School Districts, energy costs are second topersonnel costs totaling approximately 8 billion dollars annually. With aconstant growing environment and limited budgets, it becomes crucial fordistricts to be informed of the many new methods of …

It is hard to know how well your buildings are performing based on the energy they are consuming. There is not one single formula or method for figuring out and understanding how to measure this, but there is one that has been around for awhile. Measuring a building’s Energy Use Intensity or EUI, is a great way to start. A Building’s EUI is made up of its KBTU per square foot. The KBTU is basically all of the building’s energy use converted to a common unit and stands for 1,000 British Thermal Units. This can be electricity (KWH), natural gas, (Therms, MCF, CCF), propane (Gallons), or others that can be converted to KBTU, but non-energy items such as water and trash cannot. It is still important to be good stewards of these utilities, but they do not factor into a building’s EUI. By combining all of the energy units to one common unit, you can compare one building’s EUI to another, like sized building...

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