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What to Consider Before Renting Your Facilities

Independent schools are beginning to consider new sources of non-tuition revenue, and one of the most popular is external facility rentals. Research shows that on average tuition revenue only accounts 82% of an independent school’s annual operating …

Author: Julia Washburn
What Schools are Saying About Budget and Staffing Levels

Did you know your education operations peers reported their M&O budget is, on average, 10% of their overall school budget? Educational institutions tell us budget and staffing benchmarking data is critical for maintenance and operations leaders to better …

Author: Sam Zippin
Using After-Hours Events to Your Advantage

An automated event management solution makes it possible to better manage the event scheduling process and, more importantly, track the necessary information to develop an efficient cost recovery program. We know getting started can be tough – but don’t fear. This new eBook, Using After-Hours Events to Your Advantage, can help guide you through developing an effective cost recovery program, with 7 steps to follow plus feedback from small school peers.

Author: Sam Zippin
Putting Ops Management Data to Work for You

67% of smaller school said automating their processes helped them justify budget and staff requests, according to a 2015 survey of school districts under 5,000 students. Pulling your operations data quickly and easily is a strategic advantage when it comes to building a case for your operations needs. For best practices, reporting tips, and feedback from several peers on how they make their data work for them, download the eBook, Putting Ops Management Data to Work for You: Using Software Automation to Justify Increased Staff, Bigger Budgets.

Author: Sam Zippin
Small School Unique Challenges and Trends - Webinar 2/2/16

Small schools aren’t small at all when comes to the impact they have on their community, students and faculty. With over 2,000 educational institutions under 5,000 students using SchoolDude, we understand small schools face unique challenges. To help address those challenges, two of your peers will share their stories about how they automated their facilities and operations processes. Register today for the free webinar, Small School Unique Challenges and Trends, on Tuesday, February 2nd at 2pm ET.

Author: Sam Zippin
​What are "Operations Outliers"? UPDATED

Maintaining a safe learning environment. That's the central concern of facility directors across the nation. You've carried the weight this responsibility brings, dealt with the demands of aging facilities, and managed the rush of work orders. That means …

Author: Curtis Marshall
Topeka Public Schools and TripDirect - Looking Forward

Where we were: In October 2013, Topeka Public Schools began our journey with Trip Direct. To understand the value of the solution, we had to learn and comprehend our current transportation process. I spoke with each school’s Athletic Directors and …

Author: gary mcgirr

In a previous blog post, we discussed why a central calendar is important . Another major topic in the majority of discussions with educational organizations is the tracking of insurance policies for outside groups that use educational facilities. The …

Author: Dave Kornegay
Irving ISD - Open for Business
  • 6/3/2013

The May 2013 edition of Texas ASBO's TASBO Report featured a profile on how to institute a facility rental program.  Check out this informative article, featuring SchoolDude All-Star Donna Amick (Operations & Special Events Manager) for the 34 …

Author: Nick Mirisis

By now we’ve all been exposed to the tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT, this past December. It is something that has caused every educational organization in the country to review security measures, plans of action, and …

Author: Sam Zippin
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