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SchoolDude Recognized as Top 10 Digital Solution Provider of 2016

Education Technology Insights has recognized SchoolDude in the magazine’s annual Top 10 Digital Solutions Providers List for 2016 ! “ School districts are always concerned with total cost of ownership and effectively maintaining the technology stack. We …

Author: Sam Zippin
The Power of Business Intelligence for Schools

A recent survey of educational institutions conducted by SchoolDude found that operations’ professionals greatest pain point is a lack of reporting to prove what work has been performed or completed. This pain was greater than lack of time, lack of staff …

Author: Sam Zippin
Albuquerque Public Schools saves $2 Million with preventive maintenance

Congratulations to our client and one of our Campus Champions, Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) on the recognition of their preventive maintenance work and savings across the district! Albuquerque’s local CBS affiliate, KRQE News 13 , showed how much APS …

Author: Sam Zippin
RECAP Healthy and Safe Schools: Impact on the Learning Environment

What do school facilities and mission statements have in common? You as maintenance leaders creating optimal learning environments to prepare students to be the next generation of leaders, as Jim Whittaker stated in our recent webinar, Healthy and Safe …

Author: Sam Zippin
4 Steps to Ask for More Budget
  • 8/2/2016
4 Steps to Ask for More Budget

As we covered in previous posts, addressing facilities conditions to help improve student performance and behavior is a major challenge…and opportunity…for facilities and education leaders. Many operations and facilities departments have had stagnant or …

Author: Sam Zippin

Across the country, heat waves abound. In our homes, I’m sure we all feel the effects with our monthly energy bill skyrocketing. Similarly, schools feel the effects in their energy usage and costs as HVAC systems are working overtime to keep students and …

Author: Sam Zippin

It is impossible to find anything in the media currently that isn’t a discussion of the upcoming presidential election. Whether it’s national, state or local elections, at the end of the day, when we think about our education system, the intersection of …

Author: Sam Zippin
How to Tie your Operational KPIs to your Budget Information

Many institutions with stellar operations performance utilize a balanced score card as a performance management tool. Collecting operational and financial benchmarks to round out your balanced scorecard can often be challenging. With the 2016 Facilities …

Author: Sam Zippin
Staffing data revealed from 2016 Facilities Budget, Staffing, and Operations Survey

How many custodians should you currently have for your district or campus? How many should you plan to have next year? The recently launched 2016 Facilities Budget, Staffing, and Operations Survey provides much-needed budget and staffing benchmarking …

Author: Sam Zippin
Which has a greater impact on student achievement -school funding or condition of school facilities?

Funding for our nation’s public schools, school facilities' conditions, and academic performance have long been a national discussion. NPR is currently spearheading the national discussion on this very topic in a weekly series over the next month, …

Author: Sam Zippin
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