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What to Consider Before Renting Your Facilities

Independent schools are beginning to consider new sources of non-tuition revenue, and one of the most popular is external facility rentals. Research shows that on average tuition revenue only accounts 82% of an independent school’s annual operating …

Author: Julia Washburn
Save Time (and Recover Costs!) on Your Next Facility Rental

Schools are often the hub of the community, and allowingoutside groups to use your facilities can be a profitable and efficient way torecoup operating costs. With budgets becoming tighter, many schools are lookingto expand their extracurricular programs …

Author: Julia Washburn
A short dive into a deep conversation: New Cost Recovery Whitepaper

School buildings are the hub of the community. The buildings you are tasked with maintaining play host to an incredible number of events from basketball games and girl scout meetings to bake sales and even the community carnival. Do you know how many …

Author: Curtis Marshall
Webinar Setting up for Success: Unlocking Events (Updated)

If you're looking to get your school's event scheduling started in the right direction, join us for July's Setting up for Success Webinar on Facility Scheduling. Planning for after-hours events at your school isn't all that exciting. Double-checking …

Author: Curtis Marshall

RSU #21 located in the friendly, rural community of Kennebunk, Maine, includes 6 schools and hosts over 4,500 events each year. Up until 2003, the district had used a paper system to manage daily tasks, including events, but that made it challenging to …

Author: Kelli Wolf

In a previous blog post, we discussed why a central calendar is important . Another major topic in the majority of discussions with educational organizations is the tracking of insurance policies for outside groups that use educational facilities. The …

Author: Dave Kornegay
Cost Recovery Tips from a Client
  • 7/10/2013

SchoolDude client Irving Independent School District’s Donna Amick, operations and special events manager, wrote an article that was featured in TASBO Report, the official magazine of Texas ASBO’s May 2013 issue. Way to go Donna!

In Donna’s article “Open for Business,” she uses her personal experience to offer key tips for implementing a successful facility rental program. Here are 3 of the tips she provided....

Author: SchoolDude

In many of our discussions and presentations, we talk about the politics of community use, tracking afterhour events and recovering costs from the use of school facilities, but some stories from our clients hit a deeper mark.  Here is an example. At …

Author: Dave Kornegay
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