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Your browser does not support the video tag. Depending on the study, inventory supplies can comprise 4-9% of your operational budget.  That can be a significant amount depending on the size of your organization.  I’ve read …

Author: Michael Bremer
Tips for Controlling Your Consumable Inventory

52% of survey respondents state that they have somewhat to poor insight into the movement of supplies at their institution. * Consumable inventory management is one of the easiest ways to make a big impact on your overall operations budget. Without a …

Author: Julia Washburn
​What are "Operations Outliers"? UPDATED

Maintaining a safe learning environment. That's the central concern of facility directors across the nation. You've carried the weight this responsibility brings, dealt with the demands of aging facilities, and managed the rush of work orders. That means …

Author: Curtis Marshall

With many public schools being older buildings, pest control is an often-recurring maintenance issue. However, even more than with home or industrial locations, schools present unique challenges with regard to the methods of pest control used. The near …

Author: SchoolDude
Some good news for Plymouth State University at year-end

Plymouth State University in New Hampshire celebrated year-end success, showing its Business Office a .53% loss of total inventory value for Fiscal Year 2014, compared to average inventory adjustments in higher education of 3-8%. The directors and Operations Department were thrilled to see performance at this level and the resulting savings in their budget. 

SchoolDude's maintenance and inventory management solutions allow Plymouth State to operate efficiently, track all warehouse items, and tie items used to specific work orders.

Author: Sam Zippin
KPI Dashboard Enhancement Release
  • 11/26/2013

We’re excited to announce the release of enhanced printing capabilities to your MySchoolDude KPI Dashboard!

You now have the option to export your KPI charts to jpg, pdf, or png format- making it easier than ever to incorporate your KPIs into reports and presentations.

Has anyone ever asked you to show how your Operations team compares to peers or provide a view of how your team is striving for continual improvement? Until recently, peer comparisons and benchmarks for operational data were difficult if not impossible for most educational institutions to come by. We’ve studied operational data within the Dude network for over a decade, and earlier this year we deployed a dashboard that is changing the landscape of benchmarking and best practices for educational operations

Author: Jed DeGroote

We hear it time and time again; consumable inventory management is one of the easiest areas to make a significant impact on your overall operations budget. If you don’t have a strong tracking system, parts inevitably get lost, moved, broken, repurposed, …

Author: Sam Zippin
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