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IT Financial Planning
  • 2/20/2017
IT Financial Planning

It’s that time of year – planning for the 2018 fiscal year and budgeting for your needs, whether that be staff additions, new devices, or big projects. As head of your IT Department, you have unique insight into what your team really needs - you’re the …

Author: Sam Zippin
Attention IT Directors: Don’t Miss your Chance to Participate in CoSN’s 2017 IT Leadership Survey

In 2016, IT Directors reported broadband and network capacity was their top priority, replacing assessment readiness. What will IT Directors’ top priority be this year? Don’t miss your chance to give your feedback in CoSN’s Annual IT Leadership Survey …

Author: Sam Zippin
How the cloud levels the playing field

In business, nearly any software or solution implemented is in the cloud, or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Which begs the question – are we seeing the same trend toward cloud computing in education? According to a recent article by eSchoolNews, the …

Author: Sam Zippin
SchoolDude University Session Highlight: Technology

Technology is everywhere. Schools rely on technology and IT support for everything from classroom education to managing operations. IT professionals are looking for opportunities to improve how they operate to serve the rising demands for technology in …

Author: SchoolDude
TechnologyEssentials First Look - Webinar Feb. 23

We're excited to announce a new suite of solutions designed to help you manage all aspects of your IT department and want YOU to be among the very first to hear all about it.

To discover how TechnologyEssentials will help your school, join us for the TechnologyEssentials First Look on Tuesday, February 23rd at 2:00 PM EST. We look forward to seeing you there!

Author: Julia Washburn
Take CoSN

As technology leaders in our nation’s schools, data on technology challenges and industry trends are critical to improving technology in the school and classroom. CoSN wants to help provide this data based on your daily challenges and needs. Take the annual IT Leadership Survey to provide your feedback.

Author: Sam Zippin
Small School Unique Challenges and Trends - Webinar 2/2/16

Small schools aren’t small at all when comes to the impact they have on their community, students and faculty. With over 2,000 educational institutions under 5,000 students using SchoolDude, we understand small schools face unique challenges. To help address those challenges, two of your peers will share their stories about how they automated their facilities and operations processes. Register today for the free webinar, Small School Unique Challenges and Trends, on Tuesday, February 2nd at 2pm ET.

Author: Sam Zippin

Today’s Trends in IT Asset Management - this webinar on March 25 discussed ongoing trends and tips that Technology Director Michael Skott with Middletown Public Schools recommends to improve IT audits. How can you achieve the same success as Middletown’s IT Department? Read on for actionable next steps to get started with a successful asset management program. Or, check out the webinar recording here.

Author: Sam Zippin

In our March 25th webinar, Michael Skott, the Technology Director at Middletown Public Schools, discussed his departmental challenges and how he solved them. You can view the full webinar recording featuring Michael Skott here. Why did Middletown need an IT asset management solution? What have the biggest benefits since they implemented an IT asset management tool? Read on for part II in our recap series of the webinar, Today's Trends in IT Asset Management

Author: Sam Zippin

Technology Directors at districts and campuses are responsible for countless items – help desk tickets, managing the network, and even  facilities software that the Maintenance department uses. Last month, we focused on one of these responsibilities …

Author: Sam Zippin
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