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Collaborative Facilities Management | 2: Mobile Applications

SchoolDude is excited to announce as part of our new Collaborative Facilities Management platform we're releasing a new state of the art mobile app this summer. Keep your team motivated and accountable with easy access to everything they need, right on …

Author: Lindsay Burns

We’ve added another stellar K-12 school district to the  CrisisManager user list – Houston County Schools (Ala.). Serving approximately 6,400 K-12 students in southeastern Alabama, Houston County Schools is using CrisisManager to increase the …

Author: SchoolDude

We are pleased to announce that our mobile safety platform, CrisisManager , won the coveted SIIA 2015 CODiE Award for Best Postsecondary Enterprise Solution. One of 28 CODiE Award winners in the education technology category, we are thrilled to be …

Author: SchoolDude

Are you thinking about going mobile, but not sure if you can get Technicians to login to a tablet and process their work? You're not alone. We heard lots of stories at SchoolDude University West about these concerns- but even better, we heard some great …

Author: Jed DeGroote
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