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Creating a Culture of Preventive Maintenance

John Dufay, the Executive Director of Support Operations with Albuquerque Public Schools, recently released his annual Maintenance & Operations 2014 Year-End Report. To share the key findings and demonstrate how other districts can replicate Albuquerque’s best practices, we hosted a webinar featuring Albuquerque Public Schools earlier this week – Making your Maintenance Data Work for You. John covers many topics helpful to districts and schools of all sizes, but we will focus on Albuquerque’s preventive maintenance (PM) efforts. Watch the webinar to hear John discuss why he prioritized PM, how he got buy-in, and the benefits and cost savings he's seen as a result.

Author: Sam Zippin
Report Uncovers Disparity in School Maintenance Levels

The current state of the nation's school facilities is deteriorating to the point of crisis. Despite the fact that federal standards for education infrastructure, including technology acquisition and upgrades to things like Internet connectivity, are …

Author: SchoolDude
 California school districts offered incentive to clean up their act

The state of California has implemented a program designed to make it easier for school districts to adopt greener power strategies and move toward greater energy efficiency.

Author: Nick Mirisis

Most school administrators are familiar with the dance of dollars that is balancing budget with maintenance needs. As schools and infrastructure age, the challenge is further complicated by the need for more major equipment updates as well.  …

Author: SchoolDude

Everybody needs a regular check-up, and your school facility is no different. School districts must often balance maintenance and repair tasks with replacement and upgrade projects. To this end, a comprehensive inspection of the school can be an asset in …

Author: SchoolDude
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