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Independent School Trends in Facilities Budgeting and Staffing

In early 2016, SchoolDude, in partnership with NBOA and Building Solutions, conducted a survey of independent school business officers and facilities staff to provide maintenance and operations benchmarks to help inform decisions regarding your school’s …

Author: Julia Washburn
10 Tips for Building Out Your Technology Team

Schools, and independent schools in particular, are ramping up their use of technology, therefore, they are having to re-think their technology programs to support the increasing technology demand. It is projected that $3.7 billion will be spent on …

Author: Julia Washburn
What to Consider Before Renting Your Facilities

Independent schools are beginning to consider new sources of non-tuition revenue, and one of the most popular is external facility rentals. Research shows that on average tuition revenue only accounts 82% of an independent school’s annual operating …

Author: Julia Washburn
Save Time (and Recover Costs!) on Your Next Facility Rental

Schools are often the hub of the community, and allowingoutside groups to use your facilities can be a profitable and efficient way torecoup operating costs. With budgets becoming tighter, many schools are lookingto expand their extracurricular programs …

Author: Julia Washburn

Maintaining educational facilities takes a lot of work, especially for independent school campuses which often comprise a mix of new and historic buildings and can sprawl many acres. Routine maintenance and operations typically accounts for 12% of an independent school’s operations budget.* Schools are beginning to question whether or not to outsource facilities tasks as a way to alleviate the workload...

Author: Julia Washburn
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