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MaintenanceDirect's Help links (at the top and bottom of every page) has been updated to redirect to our updated help content site . Other Dude solutions help content is already available and a similar enhancement is slated in the near future to update …

Author: Dave Kornegay
Mobile Device Management: Android Devices

An enhancement to the Dude's suite of Technology solutions will allow greater insight into Mobile Device Management (MDM) concerning Android devices upon your network. The focus was upon effectively integrating with Android for Work for streamlined …

Author: Dave Kornegay
Preventive Maintenance Work Order Tasks and Procedures List Checkoff

An enhancement for MaintenanceEssentials users is being released that adds a 'checklist' functionality to the Tasks and Procedures section of a work order generated from a preventive maintenance schedule. This feature will allow users to indicate that …

Author: Claire Burling
Enhancement to Click2Buy Integration between Work Orders and

New capabilities are available for Click2Buy , an integration that allows users to link their login with MaintenanceDirect, purchase items needed, and the resulting purchase data is transferred back to the work order with no data entry …

Author: Dave Kornegay

Your browser does not support the video tag. Depending on the study, inventory supplies can comprise 4-9% of your operational budget.  That can be a significant amount depending on the size of your organization.  I’ve read …

Author: Michael Bremer
What Schools are Saying About Budget and Staffing Levels

Did you know your education operations peers reported their M&O budget is, on average, 10% of their overall school budget? Educational institutions tell us budget and staffing benchmarking data is critical for maintenance and operations leaders to better …

Author: Sam Zippin
SchoolDude University Session Highlight: Reporting Workshops

Want to learn how to utilize all the advanced reporting capabilities of the SchoolDude Platform? Which graphs, charts and reports can help you become a top performing school? Join a senior expert from our Client Services team at SchoolDude University for …

Author: SchoolDude
Using After-Hours Events to Your Advantage

An automated event management solution makes it possible to better manage the event scheduling process and, more importantly, track the necessary information to develop an efficient cost recovery program. We know getting started can be tough – but don’t fear. This new eBook, Using After-Hours Events to Your Advantage, can help guide you through developing an effective cost recovery program, with 7 steps to follow plus feedback from small school peers.

Author: Sam Zippin
Putting Ops Management Data to Work for You

67% of smaller school said automating their processes helped them justify budget and staff requests, according to a 2015 survey of school districts under 5,000 students. Pulling your operations data quickly and easily is a strategic advantage when it comes to building a case for your operations needs. For best practices, reporting tips, and feedback from several peers on how they make their data work for them, download the eBook, Putting Ops Management Data to Work for You: Using Software Automation to Justify Increased Staff, Bigger Budgets.

Author: Sam Zippin
Watch Setting up for Success: Planning Ahead

Capital forecasting should influence how you strategize your preventive maintenance schedules. In turn, PMs should be a natural part of your team's workload. The results are longer-lasting facilities, fewer reactive work orders, and an increase in …

Author: Curtis Marshall
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