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Tips on How to Start a Preventive Maintenance Program from Scratch

Preparation and planning often prove to be the toughest parts of someone's proactive work journey. Can we handle the current list of reactive work, do we have enough resources, where do I begin, will there be a point where we feel we are on autopilot, do …

Author: Dave Kornegay
Updated Product Support Content for Safety and Event Applications

As our latest and future products are developed using an Agile approach , so is our product support content! For Crisis Manager (a.k.a., Safety Center) , you now have the ability to Create a Panic Screen to call, text, email an emergency contact or …

Author: Dave Kornegay
Enhancement to Mobile Safety App and Publishing Portal

The Dude's safety and emergency preparedness application has been updated to support the new mobile operating systems for Apple iOS10 and Android Nougat. Behind the scenes and under the hood, updates were performed concerning push notification …

Author: Dave Kornegay
September is Campus Safety Awareness Month – Tips for preparing your Staff

With school back in session, your campus is once again alive with the hustle and bustle of students scurrying to class, meeting for projects, and lounging in the common areas. Seeing the students about campus is a reminder that the safety of your faculty …

Author: Julia Washburn

While a mobile safety platform is critical for accessing emergency response plans and procedures during major emergencies, mobile resources can also be supportive for more common scenarios. From first aid guides to fire drill and evacuation procedures, …

Author: SchoolDude
SchoolDude University Session Spotlight: Site Security Assessments in Independent Schools

In today's world, security in our schools is crucial. Oftentimes, though, it falls to the lower end of the budget and doesn't get much attention…until something happens. The best security measures are those you take before an incident occurs. …

Author: Lindsay Burns
CrisisManager Helps Southeast Louisiana District Maintain Safe Schools

St. Charles Parish Public Schools, a school district in southeast Louisiana, is now using its mobile safety platform CrisisManager. Home to nearly 10,000 K-12 students and 1,700 employees across 28 building locations, St. Charles Parish Public Schools’ …

Author: SchoolDude
Back to School Safety Checklist
  • 8/4/2015

While students are gathering their back-to-school supplies, school administrators and security personnel are busy marking off their own safety checklist. When it comes to emergency preparedness plans, there is always room for improvement as there is no …

Author: Jed DeGroote

During the summer, K-12 and campus school leaders get a break from students, but that doesn't mean there is a shortage of things to do. Safety planning is on every school's summer to-do list. Here are a few tips to consider before students crowd school …

Author: SchoolDude

As the 2015-2016 school year is just around the corner, our own Nick Mirisis recently shared school safety preparation tips in a Q&A with the National Business Officers Association Net Assets magazine. From weather-related events to injuries to …

Author: SchoolDude
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