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SchoolDude University Session Highlight: Peer Affinity Groups

Learning from and with your peers is the best way to learn new and innovative solutions. That's why we place an emphasis on peer affinity groups at SchoolDude University . These are the sessions geared toward idea sharing and group learning. You'll not …

Author: SchoolDude
SchoolDude University Session Highlight: Professional Development

We're all looking for ways to further our careers and grow as leaders. The professional development classes at SchoolDude University are crafted to help unlock new skills and help you achieve more. Professional Development Reporting tips. Leadership …

Author: SchoolDude
SchoolDude University Session Highlight: Reporting Workshops

Want to learn how to utilize all the advanced reporting capabilities of the SchoolDude Platform? Which graphs, charts and reports can help you become a top performing school? Join a senior expert from our Client Services team at SchoolDude University for …

Author: SchoolDude
SchoolDude University Session Highlight: Facilities Management

M&O professionals from throughout the nation face the challenges of running and maintaining school facilities. At SchoolDude University , they learn from the most successful leaders how to achieve success. And don’t forget the peer networking …

Author: SchoolDude
SchoolDude University Session Highlight: Technology

Technology is everywhere. Schools rely on technology and IT support for everything from classroom education to managing operations. IT professionals are looking for opportunities to improve how they operate to serve the rising demands for technology in …

Author: SchoolDude
Announcing the SchoolDude University East Keynote Speaker

SchoolDude University is where operations professionals from across the nation come tonetwork, learn, and grow their careers. It's also a place to come forinspiration and motivation – an opportunity to get a fresh start at gettingthings done and serve …

Author: SchoolDude
Watch: SchoolDude University Sneak Preview

We're just two months away from SchoolDude University – are you ready? Professional development classes and peer networking opportunities are just two of the highlights to look forward to this year. Maybe you're curious about what you'll learn, …

Author: SchoolDude
SchoolDude University Class Sessions Preview

SchoolDude University East is coming up on March 19-23... and we couldn't be more excited to share a little taste of the sessions and classes to look forward to this year. If you're already planning to join us in Myrtle Beach or still investigating why …

Author: SchoolDude
Leveraging PMDirect for Recurring Maintenance Schedules

We're excited for a number of new topics and speakers at this year's SchoolDude University . One of those new speakers is Vancouver School Board Facility Planner, Terry Naylor. In the session, Leveraging PMDirect for Recurring Maintenance Schedules, …

Author: SchoolDude
SchoolDude University Session Spotlight: Site Security Assessments in Independent Schools

In today's world, security in our schools is crucial. Oftentimes, though, it falls to the lower end of the budget and doesn't get much attention…until something happens. The best security measures are those you take before an incident occurs. …

Author: Lindsay Burns
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