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Enhancement to Mobile Safety App and Publishing Portal

The Dude's safety and emergency preparedness application has been updated to support the new mobile operating systems for Apple iOS10 and Android Nougat. Behind the scenes and under the hood, updates were performed concerning push notification …

Author: Dave Kornegay
September is Campus Safety Awareness Month – Tips for preparing your Staff

With school back in session, your campus is once again alive with the hustle and bustle of students scurrying to class, meeting for projects, and lounging in the common areas. Seeing the students about campus is a reminder that the safety of your faculty …

Author: Julia Washburn

A security enhancement updates how "Requesters" in multiple SchoolDude solutions will be able to access the MySchoolBuilding portal. View a 3 minute Introductory Video to the Security Enhancements Let's address the core questions you may have: What …

Author: Dave Kornegay
Emergency Response Best Practices for Higher Ed and K-12 Schools

At SchoolDude, we are busy prepping for the upcoming SchoolDude University , March 15-18 in Myrtle Beach, S.C. For the first time, school security will be a big focus at the event. Executives from SchoolDude and prominent security experts, including Paul …

Author: Nick Mirisis
Northwest Missouri State University Makes Emergency Plans Available on Smartphones via CrisisManager

Lt. Mike Ceperley, emergency management coordinator at Northwest Missouri State University, shares the importance and best practices of mobile safety plans.

Author: Nick Mirisis
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