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Which has a greater impact on student achievement -school funding or condition of school facilities?

Funding for our nation’s public schools, school facilities' conditions, and academic performance have long been a national discussion. NPR is currently spearheading the national discussion on this very topic in a weekly series over the next month, …

Author: Sam Zippin

Yesterday, Washington D.C.’s Metro System was completely shut down for emergency inspection and repairs after an underground fire earlier this week. While this is a very specific example, it is a symptom of the systemic problem in our “nation’s crumbling infrastructure.” School buildings similarly have infrastructure issues with facilities nearing the end of their life expectancy. Studies show there is a whopping $500 Billion in deferred maintenance in our nation’s schools. Read more about preventive maintenance champions in districts and colleges and how they are tackling their deferred maintenance and preventive maintenance needs in this whitepaper – Deferring Now Costs You Later.

Author: Sam Zippin
Using After-Hours Events to Your Advantage

An automated event management solution makes it possible to better manage the event scheduling process and, more importantly, track the necessary information to develop an efficient cost recovery program. We know getting started can be tough – but don’t fear. This new eBook, Using After-Hours Events to Your Advantage, can help guide you through developing an effective cost recovery program, with 7 steps to follow plus feedback from small school peers.

Author: Sam Zippin
5 Reasons Paper Processes Hold Small Schools Back

The eBook, 5 Reasons Paper Processes Hold Small Schools Back: A Practical Guide to Automating Operations Management, explores what efficiency gains, dollar savings, and reporting is possible to address a small school’s unique challenges when shifting away from paper. Download the eBook today to hear from several of your peers.

Author: Sam Zippin
Small School Unique Challenges and Trends - Webinar 2/2/16

Small schools aren’t small at all when comes to the impact they have on their community, students and faculty. With over 2,000 educational institutions under 5,000 students using SchoolDude, we understand small schools face unique challenges. To help address those challenges, two of your peers will share their stories about how they automated their facilities and operations processes. Register today for the free webinar, Small School Unique Challenges and Trends, on Tuesday, February 2nd at 2pm ET.

Author: Sam Zippin
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