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Small School Unique Challenges and Trends - Webinar 2/2/16

Small schools aren’t small at all when comes to the impact they have on their community, students and faculty. With over 2,000 educational institutions under 5,000 students using SchoolDude, we understand small schools face unique challenges. To help address those challenges, two of your peers will share their stories about how they automated their facilities and operations processes. Register today for the free webinar, Small School Unique Challenges and Trends, on Tuesday, February 2nd at 2pm ET.

Author: Sam Zippin
What do small schools and small businesses have in common?

Small schools and small businesses are the pillars of a community. Both types of organizations have a way of not only bringing people together, but giving back to the community. I think you’ll find it interesting to see how much these two organizations …

Author: Kelli Wolf
When it comes to energy conservation, school size doesn

The annual energy bill for America’s primary and secondary schools is $6 billion— more than is spent on textbooks and computers combined. “Every dollar spent on energy impacts teaching and learning because it takes economic vitality away from the …

Author: Kelli Wolf
What Small Schools Need to Know About SchoolDude Support

What Small Schools Need to Know About SchoolDude Support Facilities and maintenance staff in small schools juggle many responsibilities. So having the right software solution with the features, functions and reporting you need is of the utmost …

Author: Kelli Wolf
3 Myths About Work Order Software for Small Schools

Generally, districts with less than 5,000 students don’t think they can move away from a paper process. 'We are too small'  or  'We don’t have the budget'  is often the thought. But, a work order management solution isn’t just for big …

Author: Kelli Wolf

RSU #21 located in the friendly, rural community of Kennebunk, Maine, includes 6 schools and hosts over 4,500 events each year. Up until 2003, the district had used a paper system to manage daily tasks, including events, but that made it challenging to …

Author: Kelli Wolf

Stephen Brackett is the Maintenance Supervisor for Carbondale Elementary School District #95 in Carbondale, IL. Despite being surrounded by farms in southern Illinois, Carbondale is inside city limits and has 4 school buildings, 120 staff, and 1,300 students and growing.

Author: SchoolDude
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