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Photo submissions have been pouring in, but donating just $1 per a submission didn’t seem like enough to us so we decided that October is going to be a double donation month! Now, we’ll donate $2 for every photo submitted and $1 for every sticker request. The funds raised will be donated to, which supports educational organizations and finances classroom projects. 

Once you have the winning photograph, submit it to Please include your name and your school name along with the photograph in your email.  Also check out your neighbors' photos in the SchoolDude Community. Here are just a few of...

Author: SchoolDude

Our community is growing faster than we could have hoped, so we decided it’s important that we all “stick together!” With education professionals all over the world, SchoolDude wanted to find a way for you to get to know each other. Since our office isn’t big enough to have everyone over for a potluck, we decided hosting a photo contest is the next best thing.

Author: SchoolDude
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